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    Jun 29, 2017
    Far more than "guild". Often active 24/7. TOTALLY dedicated to uplifting group by uplifting members in every way. We "fight" over who is gonna help first, more, and faster. <3
    Warning: WE COMMUNICATE. TMI sometimes. :)
    GE: #1 w/ bullet. Your completing enough of level 1 to keep that going is usually enough. If not, we need you to step up:
    Colonial and lower, 5 complete, neg/battle. Colonial and higher, 8+. Need goods? Post short trade in thread and state "GE".
    Col+, notify us if you'll be away; no notification, 2 GE missed=deletion. You're welcome back when you're ready. If you say x days and are not back in x+5, we assume you've left the game. You'll be welcomed back if you return.
    Example: It's Friday and you're 0/48 for GE. All members, if we are in 1st place, do nothing, but check again until GE is finished on Monday. If we have slipped to 2nd, try to complete 5 if below Colonial, 8 if Colonial or higher.
    GB's: 5 FP minimum, each one. Swaps are not restricted--we give what we can, freely, but priority is given to guild GB's. Working out plans to bolster GB possession for lower eras without causing trade issues. Test plan in place.
    Trades: active thread, markets checked often, all trades welcome.

    We also have 6 and counting members active in FP for goods trading. Make us an offer. If we can't do it, we probably know someone who can!
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