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Feedback Fall Event 2020


Did my research before the event and got the military boost I wanted from the field setup that was posted in the other thread, was never interested in the Barn or it's suggested setup.

Have had my eyes on the Halloween event the whole time, so I played this one accordingly, and am happy with the results. Also appreciated not having to stockpile things like totems and 10% boosts while I went after what I did want.
Great event, everything about it was stellar. Got everything I earned, nothing more and nothing less. Love the amount of quests because of all the event currency they brought in for me and all of them were simply done in line with my routine daily activities. Absolutely no extra effort involved other than actually logging in and seeing what the quest required. Having currency as an option every day was a great addition.


New Member
It seems like a lot of people got blindsided by the fact that you pretty much needed to do the daily challenge every day with ingredients to get the full set. It's a recurring theme where people don't research an event at the beginning and complain when they don't get the entire prize. Just research the events beforehand so you know what you're getting into.
Liked the event, really got a big boost to my city for someone still in the early parts of the game. I got 8 fields and the maxed barn with minimal diamonds (just some I get from GE). I just barely got professional though (or whatever the second best one was), so I could easily see only being able to get amateur. Nevertheless, I didn’t think getting the maxed barn and 6-7 fields was that difficult.
From this day forward, if your event is tied to any kind on "LEAGUE" outcome, I will boycott your event. And, I promise you, I will work as hard as I can to promote the idea of boycotting your events to every other player I can reach. TIRED OF BEING RIPPED OFF!!!
And here in lies the beauty of this game; it affords you the privilege of playing any way you so chose, even deciding to boycott something the developers put in the game to reward players lots of FREE stuff that may or may not aid in the advancement of their city. Great game, great event.


Well-Known Member
Didn't realize INNO sent out a statement about events and free play. Revealing. I didn't get the last upgrade either and hit every DC and incident I could find. I was nudged out by diamond players and knew it an hour before the game's completion. Is it the end of the world...? No.
But I don't plant incomplete anything in my city..that makes the set fodder for the AD rather than a prize...
You can do better INNO...I know you can..


Active Member
I got the full set on my four worlds, and appreciate that. I do wonder who/how it is decided which portions of the set auto-level versus those that require renovation/one-up kits. In particular, I like leaving some event-goods buildings in prior eras and don't necessarily want them to level, whereas other things would be nice to auto-level that don't.

I guess I would also like to see a super one-up and/or super-renovation kit that boosts a full set at the same time, if one so chooses. I have no idea how/if that could be balanced though, so it is likely pie-in-the-sky.


FOE Team
Beta Community Manager
The event has concluded.
We thank you all for your constructive feedback.
We will make sure to communicate this with our gamedevelopers to keep improving our events.

Keep forging on!

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