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Feedback for Summer Event 2021


Active Member
Classic whataboutism ... "What about this thing that might happen 5% of the time? Oh noes!!"
First- it's not whataboutism to do the math and say that with a 30 second delay it would take a long time to empty a wheel. That's just math.
Second- you're suggesting to change a major aspect of the game function based on what happens less that 5% of the time. So take your own " OH NOES" And realize you don't own the prizes on the wheel, or the wheel itself. Learn a strategy maybe.

So what? Do something else for a few minutes. That's nothing compared to monitoring the wheel all day until a halfway decent prize appears without wasting hard-earned Doubloons on endless refreshes.
You're not taking into account the fact that some people can only play a few minutes a day, some less. And you want to be able to stop them from refreshing onto a prize they want cause you want something else. Sure some people can stalk the wheel and take everything. And some will refresh you out of it for the fun. That's a part of the game. We all have to deal with it equally so why should this change?

No, there is plenty of time to spin the wheel. The wheel often sits there untouched for an hour. Hijacked is what happens when someine comes along and refreshes while you're spinning as fast as possible to win the top prize.
Again. You're dismissing the time available for 70+ people looking at the same wheel.
If it's been idle for hours. spin then and your hood wont refresh it on you. Dont complain that people keep refreshing it AND also note that it sits dead for hours on end. Maybe spin while the hood is asleep? Maybe watch the ticker in between spins to make sure you arent competing with more people? Maybe try a different strategy. Or ya know. Maybe try to stop others from playing g cause you want to play with your ball and dont like the way everyone else plays with your ball.

That's a wild exaggeration
Explain that.
If I hit refresh & spin 400x. At 30 seconds each. That's 200 minutes.
Which is 3 hours and 20 minutes.
What part of that is an exaggeration?
I want you to be specific here. Please. Explain it to me like I dont know what I'm talking about.


Well-Known Member
See above. Only refreshes would be blocked for 30 seconds. It's to prevent malicious sabotage.
Which changes nothing about this idea for me. You don't get to own the wheel until you're done.

Someone refreshed the wheel while you were spinning. You know nothing of their motivation behind it. Inventing nefarious motivations to support a bad idea makes it no better.

It might have been a mistake, or someone who didn't want that prize and didn't want to wait for someone to win it. Malicious sabotage, dream on.


Well-Known Member
No, it means you wait 30 seconds to spin again. Is that a terrible burden?
Yes, it is for something like this because it’s not just once or twice: it’s every time a refresh is needed which is pretty often. Even moreso if anyone wants to spend money

And from what I've seen, repeatedly hitting "refresh" is about the dumbest strategy in the event.
If there’s nothing on the current wheel the player wants then locking the wheel from a refresh is only locking them out from being able to play. There’s no Daily Special here. I don’t want to waste Doubloons spinning to win medals and goods when I could be spinning for a Governo’s Villa instead with a refresh

While I like the current design, if there are changes at all I would much rather have a smaller wheel with less slots per wheel to change it from hood shared to being a individual only wheel. Changing it to lock everyone else out when someone decides to spin would simply make the design unplayable
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Andy Griffith

New Member
I'm thinking that some of y'all didn't do so well on the Marshmallow Test when you were kids. ... ROFL


Well-Known Member
I'm thinking that some of y'all didn't do so well on the Marshmallow Test when you were kids. ... ROFL
Your hyperbole is stunning. No one said it would wreck the event, we just don't like or want the idea. A net minus we can do without.

Sharmon the Impaler

Well-Known Member
If you were in my world I would buy 40 doubloons and deliberately refresh it on you just for you whining like this. I think you would be more suited to a video game like Pong or maybe Asteroids.


New Member
I think the Sail is the stupidest part of this event. All I want to do is say "Sail me 63 times and tell me what I got". There is absolutely no reason for me to have to click the stupid Sail button 63 times.

All you had to do is put something on each dot, so at least there was some reason to care what number you spun on the compass. One doubloon, one diamond, one goods, five coins, anything trivial would do, but Something.

Johnny B. Goode

Well-Known Member
I'm thinking that some of y'all didn't do so well on the Marshmallow Test when you were kids. ... ROFL
You haven't been around long enough to know what an uproar a 30 second delay in an oft-used game mechanism would cause. Players have mutinied over a split second delay in RQ aborts. And when you're playing an event mini-game 30 seconds is an eternity. Next time you spin the wheel, use a stopwatch and force yourself to wait 30 seconds between spins. Every spin. Then come back and I'll tell you what you can do with that marshmallow. ;)


Active Member
I like it the way it is. It adds a fun element to what would otherwise be a boring click-bang-click-bang.... exercise.


New Member
I'm enjoying this event...for the most part. I'm more of a fan of the events where one can choose a sort of category to gamble on...let's you shoot for something a little more specific...medals, buildings, units etc. rather than completely random. But this is fine.

Does anyone know if there is a group of prizes upon completion of this summer event other than the boost mentioned in the the event hub? Other events have had a collection of final rewards (forge points, towers, goods, etc.) usually listed someplace the event screen. I'm assuming no...but I'm not sure if I'm missing something. Thanks!


I'd like to see a "New wheel" indicator light or marker that would show that the wheel has been refreshed since I last visited it. Just to save the clicks of checking on it every few minutes or so.


New Member
For the Terracotta Vineyard, we got Vineyard Fields selection kits as prizes. I'm wondering why we didn't get "Pirate Hideout Pier" selection kits for this event as this is the same type of building. Why keep them separate when the precedent was set with the Vineyard Fields?


Well-Known Member
. Why keep them separate when the precedent was set with the Vineyard Fields?
Because it's a different event and it was following the precedent for Summer.

The chain pieces this year were replacing three different prizes from last year (and the year before that): Pirate/Royal/Trade kits.


New Member
REALLY FOE!? This sharing the wheel is for the birds. Bought diamonds waiting for Governors Villa to appear and when I'm spinning someone refreshes the wheel and its gone. I checked, he had a level 9 Villa already! I'll never do another share anything event again :mad:
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