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Feedback for the Mughal Empire


FOE Team
Community Manager
We would love to hear your feedback about The Mughal Empire!
You can find the announcement here.


Well-Known Member
At least they changed the name of the main building. Other than that.... yay?

*guide updated coming soon*


New Member
If you just copy the post from previous settlement you should pay more attention>
"Mughal's Temple
The Sun Temple is ..."


1 day in on the new settlements, I thought I might get goods from the embassy, but seems the 3 buildings I have for it don't count.
Looks like I will be waiting for days to collect enough rupees from my bhavan, at 50/4h, that's already 3-4 days just to get my hands on enough goods.
Won't try it on any other worlds atm, that's for sure, lost as to what intentions are, if there's nothing to do other than collect from housing every 4 hours