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Feedback for the New World - Carthage


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Forge of Empires: Let there be Carthage

Hopefully this placates everyone asking about when the next world is opening for the next few weeks before it starts again... can't wait to read all the drama. Remember the Arc fiasco from Birka?


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Someone managed to get Arc prints somehow (iirc it was a mod that gave them?) while they were in a much lower age.

[EDIT] Clarification and source is here: https://forum.us.forgeofempires.com...-has-arrived-birka-feedback.27274/post-274046
Ah right. I suspect a player would have won Blueprints of their choice from a competition (possibly Facebook?), but unlike EN that have in the past allowed any age regardless of city age, the US competitions usually state they only allow upto a players current city age.
Thinking about making this my tiny town world, but I'm also uncertain given how lengthy it'll be until I can get ahold of a Himeji.