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Fellowship For All is now recruiting

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We are currently at level 19 and a Global ranking of 171, and 15 active members. Seeking like minded player's. We do only fair trades, 1 FP to member's with GB in the stix, help other's grow. and a Observatory thread. Most of all respect other players and have fun. Ask me for a invite you'll be glad you did.


Great guild to be in, very active and helpful. Several forge point threads to help grow great buildings .


We are looking for player's of all age's. We have knowledgeable player that can help beginners, to show them the right path to a productive city. We also need experienced player's up to Oceanic Future that is willing to help younger player achieve higher GB's with in the guild. Right now the highest player's are Modern Era. So come and play with us and have fun. Forge on everyone.


We are constantly looking for player's of all age's. We have our sites on being that #1 guild. We have came a long way's, yet we have a long way to go. Come help us achieve our goal and having fun doing it