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Fighting with lower age units


I have been in the High Middle Ages for quite some time. I am thinking about aging up. I have a boatload of HMA troops. Will they be good for anything after I age up to LMA? I know that I will need to build LMA barracks asap. I have Arc 67, Traz 26, CdM 35, Zeus 29, CoA 29, and TA 17.

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
You can use them in GE levels 1 and 2 after you are in LMA. And you may even find you can use them up when very low attrition in GbG.
Also can save them in case you ever find a way to play GvG. They are good in the HMA area.
Generally keep them as you never know when you may find a use for them
I am playing for the long-term, and don’t care about ranking or how fast I progress, so very much a causal playing style. Given that, I find my lower age units are great for GE and quests. In each era, I always start GE with lowest age units I have. That wins a large number of current age units, which I keep for GBG. Since I’m going for higher era units, I save my techs and only get current age units through GE and GBG.

Currently in Industrial, and complete all 64 each week. Camping in EMA to get core fighting GBs to a decent level was well worth it. Now, typically finish GE1 with Iron age units, and halfway through GE 2 switch to EMA. (I'll run out of IrA units soon, so then will start with EMA units, then HMA, etc.).

For GE 3 I use LMA-HMA units, and for GE 4 colonial ones. Auto-fight GE 1 and 2, part of 3, and manually fight most of the rest. Lose very, very few battles with this approach.


Active Member
You can always use them. How much for each GE and GBG daily depends on high your A/D boosts are for your attacking army. I find over time I use all mine up.