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FIlling Guild members Goods requests? Do you always if you can? do you keep a reserve?


Well-Known Member
Why? What does it matter. These are player or guild issues. Thoughts on the subject do not change it.


Well-Known Member
The question today is: why should we buy into these passive-aggressive judgements about what other people are doing in their gameplay. If you don't think someone deserves to be handed your goods, to someone "who failed to prepare adequately", then don't make a trade. And please spare us your indignation.


Well-Known Member
My opinion and nothing more:

If I am a member of a Guild, I feel an obligation to help out, to the best of my ability, my fellow Guildmates. "We grow stronger together" kind of thought process.

So I'll page through the Guild Trades pages and see what I can pick up, if not every day at least several times each week. Yes, I do try to keep a "reserve" of roughly 1000 of each Good in each Age (though I fall short in the early ones) so, if someone needs something special (set of Goods for an Alcatraz maybe), I'm in a position to help.

I had more advanced players help me out as I made my way to where I am now. I'm in a position to return the favor.


Active Member
I never use FP to get goods using trader
And always give more goods to my guild members no fair trades only better trades