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I Love FOE because it is ever changing depending on your game play. Fighting, farming or my favorite the hybrid. Talking with people for startegy. Many challenges that keeps coming to help build your city. Ty for this awesome game.

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I love FoE because there are so many different things in the game to keep you entertained and occupied.



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I love foe i like the how our guild work together to help advance each player love the events always has something new and interesting to help you better your experience. Its my favorite thing to play and make great friends from all around the world :) I play langadorn in a great guild dc
I love FoE because my city has become what I made it into. It's the realization of 2.5 years of dedicated, daily, play. With the help of all my friends, and enemies, I've moved into the ranks of a TopPlayer, and have the support of everyone around me (except for my wife). Forge On!!


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Thank you everyone who participated. The winner has been chosen and notified. Good luck on the next contest.
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