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First Nation Guild Recruiting


New Member
First Nation Guild is looking for one or two members that like to win.

A little history:
In September I started FOE for the first time. Roughly in December I made the guild mostly just to be able to control my own destiny and be able to fulfill quests and such. I had a couple of members join. One of them never did anything at all except complain and finally he was removed. The other one participated fine. Then a gentlemen joined out of the blue that was much higher than any of us and kicked us up a bunch of notches when he did. He was great about participating and helping when needed and had much more resource than we did as had been playing for many years.

One day, many months ago, without warning, he just disappeared. He didn't kill the world, just never logged back in. Hopefully, he didn't die or something. He was in NY and covid and all you know.. But since he left himself intact that helps our guild you know I believe.

The other person he just killed his world and disappeared without any word or anything. What a crud. I helped him a lot over the months. Could have at least said something.

So it was just me and a dead person. Then someone joined saying he would always participate in the expeditions and BGs. As if. He barely participates in the expeditions and doesn't even finish the first 3 which I always do an I always open 4 as well. Oh well, his loss.

Right now we are going to win the current BG in Silver and move to Gold I think. I'd like to win some golds so we can advance. But prob will need some help at some point to do that.

I'm looking for a player that likes to win and wants to be in a guild that does but has no pressure. We're not bullies in BG. We help other players that are getting bullied. We took down an entire guild once that was trying to bully some players in BG, along with the help of Cloes World Guild because we could. I know they spent a fortune in diamonds trying to win that BG and didn't even come close. Never seen them again I think it broke them apart. That's how we roll.

Attached is our current BG. Note where we are. I did this by myself no thanks to current member.

If you can appreciate this and are looking for a Guild to settle in. This one might be for you.