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Do Not Suggest Foe Dungeons! (Small Tweak)

Do you want inno to place this into the game?

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An alternative option to settlements. With this idea, you could choose to complete a dungeon in place of the settlement for the same rewards.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?

Noone else has posted this idea or anything like it, but I am reposting this because I could not reply to my own thread. Why? I don't know, I am new to the forums, but we could all benefit from this! I also added a poll.


I hate cultural settlements, and many others players do as well. However, a lot of cultural settlement rewards are essential, and forcing players to do these settlements will discorage them from playing. This idea will be much more fun and enjoyable, and will be a choice instead of settlements, not a replacement.


When choosing a settlement, you will choose the settlement type. (Viking, Aztec, Japan, etc) Then, you will be able to choose to do the settlement or the dungeon.

Whichever you choose would have the same rewards and time rewards. Which means some dungeons would take longer than others, depending on which settlement you choose to play the dungeon for.

When playing the dungeon, you get 3 attempts. You generate one attempt every 8 hours, up to a maximum of 3 attempts. To complete the dungeon, you have to make a certain number of advancements. The number of advancements required is equal to 14x the number of days required for the best time reward.

In the dungeon, you must input an army, then click "accept." Upon doing so, you use an attempt, and are put up against a randomly generated army with troops the same age as the highest aged troop you selected in your army. You must then battle the army, manually or automatically, and the army faced hits rogues first. Upon victory, you receive an advancement, and are left with wounded troops. These troops are left in the dungeon and do not heal. If you choose to change your army, you will get your troops back. However, changing your army costs an attempt. By not changing your army and using wounded troops, you can continue fighting more armies to earn more advancements per attempt, up to a maximum of 5 advancements per attempt.

Once you reach the required number of advancements for the dungeon, you complete the dungeon and earn the same settlement and time rewards.

***Players attacking unit bonuses apply to the dungeons***

Players may buy attempts, heal troops, and force reset enemy bonuses within the dungeon by using diamonds. (Hint hint, make money on this innovation games.)

Visual Aids:



The number of advancements required is equal to 14x the best time reward in days. You may only make up to 15 advancements per day without diamonds, which means the dungeon will take about the same amount of time to complete as the settlement.

Abuse Prevention:

Only a maximum of 5 advancements may be made per attempt, this will prevent top players from completing the dungeon in just a few days. With each victory, the enemy bonuses will scale, increasing their bonuses by +30%/+30% per advancement made. This stacks infinitely, and resets at midnight server time.


This is an alternative for players who hate settlements but love the rewards, while those who enjoy settlements may continue to play them. This is in my opinion a very fun feature and I would love to see inno consider it.


Well-Known Member
a lot of cultural settlement rewards are essential

Essential to what? I only completed the very first Vikings settlement and then stopped doing them altogether, and yet my town thrives.

"No, I am boring" is an insult, not a joke. You might wanna rethink that choice for your poll if you want serious consideration.


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Yeah the term "essential" is a bit of a stretch. The game's been around way longer than cultural settlements and nothing's been added that would make them essential to gameplay. They make gameplay easier once you have them sure because of how they compare to other buildings. They're wonderful rewards. But that's different from essential.

Would I like to see an alternative to the Cultural Settlements? Maybe depending on how its implemented. Would need to actually have whatever alternative in front of me (and play it through) to give a definite on which I prefer. The dungeon you've described essentially sounds like what Egypt is minus the settlement and requiring you to do multiple battles in a row without healing.

I'm not sure the restrictions you've placed for the dungeon would be fun for me. In Egypt there are certain combinations I can do without any damage sustained and everything else I would have to swap out troops to heal. Based on Egypt battles it'd either be a clean sweep or swapping out every time. Given it's more likely I'd be swapping out than clean sweeps it may even take longer to do the dungeon than just doing the cultural settlement.
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