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Football contest

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New Member
Bowl games start Dec 11.
Hoping for multiple bowl game contests (First Ten, Dec. 31/Jan. 1 Ten, Big Name Games [Rose, Sugar, Orange, etc.], and ???).

Would love to see a 37 pick where a perfect 'card' pays an insane amount (1,000,000) of forge points/goods against the 'house' (the 'house' being InnoGames).
It could include options down to as low as 10 Points/goods for 20 correct out of 37
This way everyone has a chance at winning.
The 37th game is the CFP Championship game whose competitors won't be known until after the Rose and Sugar Bowls have ended.
For a pick, you could simply list the game as Highest Seed vs. Lowest Seed.

Sorry to be so wordy when you are recovering from eye surgery (Hope it went well!).


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#4Ohio State
#5Texas A&M- 55
#15Oklahoma State
North Carolina
Northern Illinois
Penn State


New Member
I would be willing to help out if needed.
First bowl games is now Dec. 19.

As for the 37 pick, it looks like a couple of bowl games have already been cancelled.
There will probably more bowl games cancelled.
Fewer games equals lower top prize.


FOE Team
Forum Moderator
We had another really good week. Competition was again fierce. After the smoke cleared, Phydeaux13 was in first, Ricardoso83 was 2nd, and gianteagle was third. I hope we can do it again next year when my eyes clear up and we only have to deal with the weather, Tell you r friends and guildmates if you want to. So, until year, be safe!


All of you were fun to work with on this. I enjoyed it as well.
We all apreciate unless...Unless you did contribute in any form to this event "ideas", JOking, lmao...

A round on the house, let´s start the fun :)

Since we have active members playing this and if more, we could try to make a internal championship (remove a less from each reward) and in the end we would receive also by the position of our internal championship :p


New Member
Many thanks to our moderator and paymaster!
Look forward to next season.
Considering how many bowl games have been cancelled (and how many more will be), an entire bowl game line-up card would have severely diminishing interest.
An early start next season will allow proper prior planning to prevent piss poor performance. ;)
Till next July or August...
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