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Forge into Fall - a September Art Contest

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FOE Team
Co-Community Manager
Welcome to our September contest. Fall is coming, and we’d like to celebrate with a bit of creativity.

This is an art contest – but art takes a lot of forms. Maybe you like to sketch, draw, or paint. Maybe you’re a sculptor or into interior design. Maybe your creativity comes out in your baking. Maybe you see art in nature and want to make something out of that. Stained glass, papier-mâché, wood burning, or whittling … art is art, and we want to see your Forge of Empires inspired art.

How to Enter
  • Take a picture of your Forge of Empires inspired art (whatever form it takes) & post it in a response to this post. Entries will be visible once they’ve been approved.
  • All entries must include your username in the picture to verify it is your art. Entries missing this will not be eligible for a prize though may still be displayed.
  • One entry per player.
  • All entries must be appropriate for the forums (all ages).
  • Fall theme is not required, and it will not provide any edge over non-Fall art, though all submissions must be Forge of Empires themed.
  • The Contest administrator will have final say in any situation not covered already under the rules.

3 winners will be selected from those voted most creative and expressive; voting will be conducted by the CMT. Each winner will receive 500 diamonds and 50 Forge Points.

End Date

The contest ends Saturday, September 25th at 17:00 server time. No entries entered after that time will be counted.

Good luck, one and all! We look forward to your entries.​


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Lord Dimitrescu

New Member
I know it isn't seen well, but at the top are the Iron, Early Middle, High Middle and Late Middle Ages town halls surrounded by the supplies, decoration, Great Building, Forge Point, Medal, Cultural Building, and Attack/defense icons. Below is the profile image and username baner from my own profile. Hope you like. **The username above was recently changed to Lord Dimitrescu**


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Based on the Avatar for the Summer Event
Reference Material:

Contest Entry:



FOE Team
Co-Community Manager
The contest has ended; the winners will be announced in the next few days. Thank you to those who participated!
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