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Forge points on other's GBs

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This is probably a well asked question/rant. I know most believe that you shouldn't donate FP to others GBs unless it is in a 1.9 thread and all that... BUT my question is why then is it allowed by Inno? I am not a one point sniper, I place a great amount (most of the time over the amount of FPs I would get in return) I thought I was helping someone out by bouncing someone down who placed 1 fp on another's building and received a nasty message stating "stay off my GBs" What is up with this?
Control freaks exist in all aspects of life.


Many of the "rules" are created agreed upon by players among themselves, so that's why you won't see Inno enforcing them; there is no wrong way to play the game.
Right - while etiquette and decorum may matter in some parts of the interaction between players, these sort of ad-hoc "gentlemans agreements" aren't rule or law. Thus, it would seem to me that plundering and sniping are perfectly within the intent of the game; you just have to pay attention to who is on the receiving end, lest it cost you more than you stand to gain.


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When you check the Town Hall for Great Buildings you have invested in, how do you tell the difference between guildmates and friends/neighbors, quickly. I have 6 pages worth of investments and I can't always remember all guildies names. So is there a trick to it???


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Learn not to put 1 fp into your guild mates GBs that should help you separate them. If you are in a lot of swap threads you'll have to suck it up (or create a list of guild mates names so that you can check it against that list).


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As far as the hood is concerned, if someone has a GB that I can snipe, I see it as fair game. It is up to the GB owner to make sure the spots are locked so investors do not lose out. If they do not do this then tough. If these investors do lose out because the owner has not taken the proper steps then it is up to that owner to make good their losses. They can demand 1.9 only on their profile until the cows come home. There is no game requirement for that.

With friends I will leave their GB with one to go so they do not lose the DD. Or if it is obvious the GB is being levelled 1.9 I will stick to that as long as the spot I take is prepped for it. However I do also have friends who are quite happy to get snipers to level up their GBs. So I will take a profitable spot on their GBs.

On guild swap threads with a stated amount, the correct thing to do is stick to that amount. If you want to add more to a certain GB, then the polite thing to do is get in touch with the GB owner and arrange a private swap with them for a regular given amount on their GB and one of yours. That way you are not sniping your guild members.

If I have someone who attacks and plunders me, I will put 1 fp on any of their high level GBs that pay out FPs and keep an eye on them. Because even after the hood changes you can still add one or 2 more when that GB is close to flipping. As that way you cheat them out of the DD.
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