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FORTIS is the Guild you've been looking for! Join now!


"Latin: Strong & Brave"
You've been searching for something more, that certain "great community" feel in a Guild. It's the kind of place where it's not just about one facet of FoE, but one where everyone pitches in to help in this community. We all value conversation, so we have guild-wide threads by topic, such as Help My Trades/Great Buildings, What I Donated as well as random chatter Threads. Everyone is always free to speak up or ask for help. No matter how long you've played or how far advanced you are, your thoughts and opinions will be acknowledged and heard. When you really get down to it, you have been searching for a Guild that treats you like family.

Here's the only "Rules" we require of everyone:
  • Polish or Motivate your guild mates' buildings 3 times weekly.
  • Put forth minimum of 1 FP to new Great Buildings.
  • Fair trades only amoung guild mates.
  • Donate to treasury monthly.
  • Be as active as you can.
  • Have fun. Remember, it's only a game.
So here we are, the guild you've been hoping for: FORTIS. Here, everyone has a part of the community as a whole. Join now, give us a try. We'll welcome you to the family with open arms!


Always looking for new members, so don't be shy! Feel free to ask any questions here or to the Guild Leaders. Promise, we aren't mean and won't ignore you.