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    Hello Queens and Kings,
    First up, we wanted to thank you once again for taking the time to continue to contribute your feedback on the upcoming changes to Forge of Empires, especially in relation to Guild Battlegrounds.
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  2. Cultural Settlement - Feudal Japan

    Arising from the Sengoku period of Feudal Japan, the clan of Akechi Mitsuhide has requested your help.
    As the Daimyo of his village, it is your task to lead the Feudal Japan to prosperity! Detailed information here!
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Forum Index

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by gimccla, May 19, 2013.

  1. gimccla

    gimccla Guest

    Honored Kings and Queens,

    We provide to you an index of many useful and informative forum discussions and guides that have been created over time. The advice & insights provided in these discussions will serve you well, so keep this priceless index handy by bookmarking it. These guides provide insights into many aspects of the game and will surely provide you the tools you need to rule your kingdom!

    Do Not Post List
    Forum Posting Guide
    Beginner's Guide

    Top 20 FAQ

    Forge of Empires Wiki

    Building Statistics Overall building statistics.
    Building Storage Discussion on returning buildings/use of inventory to store buildings.
    City Planner An aid that allows you to plan your city on a grid.
    Combat Guide General strategy guide for defense.
    Defensive Battle Points Discussion on receiving battle points for defending.
    Fighting Strategy
    Plundering Window Discussion on 24 hour window for plundering.
    PvP vs No Defense
    Discussion on Pros and Cons for defending army point values.

    Goods Production
    Great Building Encyclopedia
    Great Building FAQ
    Multiple Blueprints
    Return to Inventory (Can't)
    Guild Forum Guide
    Guild Leader's Guide

    Guild Permissions
    Why Join
    "Bullies" Discussion of "bullies" in the neighborhood.
    Neighborhoods General information on the formation and merging of neighborhoods.
    Online/Offline Discussion of online/offline status being visible to other players.
    Inviting Friends Discussion on how to invite friends for diamonds.
    Proposal Guidelines Read before submitting any proposal.
    Submitted Minor Proposals
    These proposals have already been submitted.

    Beginners' Guide Hints for successful quest completion.
    Sponsorpay issues Discussion on +/- of using Sponsorpay.
    Spoilage Times

    World Guide

    Thank you to all in our community who have provided information in the forums to help their fellow players and to those who have made suggestions for the development of the Forum Index.

    The U.S. Forge of Empires Team
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