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[Question] Forum Ranks


Active Member
I'm sure there could be some alternative ranks, but by and large they are based on the number of posts you have made.


Active Member
As far as I can tell:
New Member seems to be the lowest rank and Well-Known Member seems to be the highest. Ranks in between and the criteria for different ranks don't seem to be explained anywhere that I can find.

Inno employees/moderators have their own titles/ranks.

Pericles the Lion

Well-Known Member
Ya, the more frequently you post (doesn't matter if it's a lot of male bovine excrement or not) the faster you move up the ladder.


Well-Known Member
I'm not sure how many posts you need to get there, but it is a decent amount to get to Well Known.

Just An Observer

Active Member
Advancing to Well Known one post at a time...LOL! There was a phrase from "Chronicles Of Riddick" I like: "I wouldn't be surprised if he was promoted to Full Dead". That's the highest rank!