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Forum Updates [2.0]


Recently we set on a mission to improve the forum so that there is a better flow of information through the Community. We've only just started this, but we'll be using this place to post about the changes we make. So you don't wake up wondering where a forum went or why a new one has sprouted somewhere.

:war:Forge Hall

As you may have noticed, we've opened an Announcement Feedback subforum in this area. The purpose of this is to separate the feedback and query threads that are related with game announcements (such as feedback on updates). This way you can find all of these threads quickly without having to scroll through the other feedback and discussions in Forge Hall.


We've split up the guides area. The main section Guides, will hold the most detailed and helpful threads that are also up-to-date. If a guide becomes outdated, the original poster will be requested to update it. If they're not available, the thread will be moved to the Pending area until a moderator or anyone else available manages to update it.

The pending area will hold all threads that are yet to be approved (invisible until such a time), all outdated threads, and any threads that may be composed of tips, tricks, comparisons, or analyses. In a way, the main area will include data taken from the game (that isn't available elsewhere or at least not in a convenient format), while the Pending area will include other helpful insights to the game. The name of this area is subject to change (basically everything is, but yes).

Finally the Guild Index area will have threads that link to similar guides. So if you're looking for all the guides created on a specific topic (such as military units and tactics) you can find them listed in a single thread.


We now have a Confirmed area where all threads for confirmed (and thus reported) issues will be moved to. If you encounter an issue with the game, please check this area first to ensure that we haven't already established the status for that issue. Additionally, you can find a list of commonly reported things that aren't bugs over HERE (clicky link).

As pointed out, this is just the beginning. We'll slowly but carefully (don't want to mess things up) be shaping the forum to be a more comfortable and user-friendly place. If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests regarding the Forum, feel free to drop me a Personal Message. Not saying any idea will happen, but anything reasonable that seems to have the potential to be useful to the Community will be brought up to the Managers.

The US FoE Team
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Within this forum you'll now see a new area, called Contests. From time to time there will be contests held in this section. Unlike the "new world contests" that are generally run for every new server that opens, this will be more broad. They can either be done in any server, or they can involve a task one has to complete on the forum. For example the current contest involves writing a short story about your own city.

The prizes won't always be the same, or may not always include diamonds, they will vary depending on the difficulty of the task. However, they will still be ingame rewards so hopefully they should be appealing and of some benefit to anyone who decides to participate.