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Forum Updates


This thread serves to present all forum updates and changes.


We changed the manner in which read/unread posts are marked, from cookie-based to database-based. If you are encountering some problems with read/unread posts, clear your browser's cache. It will resolve the issue.


Please be aware that our system administrators have refreshed all user post counts, so they no longer include older posts made in the Tavern (off-topic) and Games Room (forum games). All other "community" forums in the Town Square, i.e. Art Museum and Debates Hall, continue to contribute towards your post count.

Additionally we have halved the amount of reputation spread required before you can give reputation to the same person twice. Ten recipients are now required instead of twenty. We will continue to monitor this issue to ensure the balance of system functionality against system integrity (against spammers and the like) is maintained.

For those interested, our system administrators are still working to resolve the html encoding issue, whereby certain symbols are being represented as ##. For the moment you can work around this issue by using the "advanced reply" editor to submit your post, as the issue only affects the "quick reply" editor. Thanks for your patience on this issue :)


The Forums have been upgraded to Version 4.2! You'll notice a few minor changes. Please send me a PM if you encounter any issues with the new version.


Hi All,

We just installed ReCaptcha for account registration and email verification to cut down on spam bots. Keep your eyes open and report any instances of spam bots. Thanks to all those who have already been doing so.


Additional information has been provided in the Forum's FAQ. This will be further expanded in time. Any requests or recommendations, please send me a PM.