Fountain of Youth Shrink Kit

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This is a great idea. The two builds are identical in nature, however I would prefer to keep the artwork of the FoY, since they match the colors of my TF's and SSW's. Not a deal breaker by any means.


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Why not? - I vote yes.
that way Little FoY will become a diamond thing. I have like 40 FoY in my inventory I have zero of them in my city. I have like 10 WW in inventory I have 1 LWW in my city ;)


Hilarious... voting on the merits of shrinking ww's and FOYs. Put them things in the trash and plant something useful.. I'd vote YES on making them plunder capable.


I went with a Yes vote [14Y-11N at time of my vote]

My reasoning hasn't changed much in 2.5 months, but I'll add some more text anyways.

I vote strongly yes for this one but I think it should be a 2x3 instead of 3x2 like the wishing well. That’ll keep them different from each other
This, coupled with keeping shrink kits in the 'rare' loot category that they are currently in, seems like a fair compromise between the arguments on both sides of the fence I've seen. I agree that shrink kits should remain rare to maintain player desire for them. Inno probably thinks that way as well, based on event League rewards and such. While I agree with @wolfhoundtoo that Inno left FoY out of shrink kits for a strategic purpose, In the end, Inno holds the data cards on how that revenue stream is working and I'll let them decide to maintain artificial scarcity for profit, or potentially split the bill and add GE Level 5 with FoY & Terrace Farm shrink kits.

I digress. Having the FoY shrink into a different shape than the WW adds more variables. Multiple variables is what makes FoE fun, in my opinion. More variables = more fun = Simple calculus.


I vote yes, I have diamond farm on East-Nagach with 12 fountains of youth 7 Wishing wells and 42 lil wishing wells.. I think that being able to use the shrink kit for either would be a great idea..
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