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Unformatted FP collection bar suggestion

The Mugger

New Member
I know we can have up to 100 FP in the collection bar at any one time and the remainder in the other one, bUt when you collect over 600 a day with no GB's to put them on, it would be easier to be able to put the surplus in the other one without having to invest in other GB's, then winning them to show up in inventory. It would be easier to be able to put them there ourselves without have to go thru that process.


Well-Known Member
Use 5 diamonds and collect all..you will have full 600 in bar..

If you have BG, collect BG and blgs when you hit 100 dump 100 to either your or invest in some other player gb.....finish BG collection and then use 5 diamonds to collect rest of the city.


Well-Known Member
The point in not allowing you to do that is to force you to invest in other's GBs in order to get them into inventory. This keeps FPs flowing in the game.


FOE Team
Forum Moderator
Ideas need to be posted in a mandatory format. Yours isn't to start with.

When formatted, they can not be on the Do Not Suggest List.

Also they should not have been proposed before.

Read how you should propose an idea


Make sure it is not on the Do Not Suggest List


And use the forum search function to see if your idea is as new as you think it is


If you have checked if your idea meets all requirements you can propose it again.

Good luck!