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Frequently Proposed Ideas

Discussion in 'Proposals' started by jaelis, Jan 17, 2015.

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  1. jaelis

    jaelis Well-Known Member

    Nov 18, 2013
    Any regular forum user has noticed that a few ideas get posted pretty regularly. We thought it would be useful to collect them here for reference. I've picked several proposals to start with, but you are welcome to nominate more proposals for the list. Just post in this thread, and include a few links to previous proposals. I hope this will be a useful resource.

    If you have an idea that's already been proposed, please just post your support in the original thread. You can suggest minor changes there as well.

    Please don't use this thread for debating or submitting new proposals, do that in the original threads! Off topic posts will be deleted.

    Things already in the game:
    - Ability to move buildings
    - Ability to remove buildings
    (If you have questions about these, ask in the Questions forum.)

    Submitted/approved proposals:
    - Allow guild to release HQ on GvG
    - Allow more people to replace garrison armies in GvG
    - More balanced neighborhood merges, *
    - Have friends only or hood only trades
    - Track how much guild members have donated to treasury, *
    - Go back to requiring troops for GvG sieges
    - Choose age for goods produced by Observatory
    - Improve the troop management screen, *
    - Track how often people MP you, *

    Rejected/denied proposals:
    - Ability to rotate buildings
    - AI improvements
    - Limitations on plundering
    - Increase siege cost and have minumum guild size for GvG, *, *, *
    - Store buildings in inventory
    - Warning indicator for sieges, *, *
    - Ability to booby trap your buildings against plunderers

    Open proposals:
    - Improvements to messaging system
    - Filter or limit to unfair trades
    - Changes to Aid priority list, *
    - Real time control of defending troops, *, *, *
    - More diverse avatars, *, *, *
    - Online player indicator, *, *
    - Aid all button
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Thread Status:
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