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Fried Green Tomatoes needs capable peeps


Well-Known Member
Thought I could go it alone, but one is too small a number to achieve greatness
Agreed. Disband your guild and join one that can help you achieve greatness. Sorry to say, but your one person guild has nothing to offer someone looking to achieve greatness. You have no peeps to post or take trades, you have no peeps with high level Arcs to help your members grow.

While I admire your chutzpah, you should know from your other world, what kind of guild it takes to achieve greatness. You could quadruple your membership and still not have enough peeps to get anywhere close to greatness.

Memoicus II

New Member
Arrrgh Razorback Pirate, while most would agree with your assessment I will humbly labor on. For were not all the guilds ahead (and behind) of me started by one person initially and then others joined? So while I welcome other fellow players, I will see how far I get as a league of one.