Forwarded Friend Trade button in MARKET.


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Yeah we got what you meant by drama. Somehow I don't think bringing up a nice big quote train that notifies everyone to complain about drama is going to help either way.


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Wow..looks like I missed most of this fascinating new soap opera, "As the Proposal Turns"...I binge watched it and now my head aches...On topic, YES vote here...

Stephen Longshanks

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Can we please get back to discussing/opining about the actual proposal, please. It's actually a pretty decent one and it would be a shame for that to get lost among all this side stuff.

Super Catanian

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Thank you @Stephen Longshanks
Only about one more week left to go, and many players are in favor!
So to clear up any confusion from this proposal:

The green thumbs-up button has absolutely nothing to do with this. It only shows trades you can afford.
This is to filter out EXISTING trades incoming from friends, not to create trades that only friends can accept.

Clara Osgood

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i want to put this up for vote tommorow y @ isnt working for some reason so does anyone know how plz awnser if anyone can ty:)
Only mods can put proposals ip for a vote.

Read the stickied thread towards the top of this forum - 'nominate a proposal for voting', & follow what it says to do