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Iceshard72 playing in Greifental: I mopo daily.
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Looking for friends plz, I will mp everyday and help w/ gb's. LameDuck208
Playing in G.


playing in N & U. m/p almost every day. I am accepting friend requests now. Thank you!


Looking for friends who are daily players as I am a daily player myself (I play off and on throughout the day and into the night). I aid every friend daily as well as drop some FPs onto GBs that I am working towards. I have been playing everyday since I started last November except for a couple of days due to a family member being hospitalized. I just leveled up to HMA and I have 6GBs all of which are low enough that you can get BPs fairly easily. I am out of invites so please send me an invite. brandy33014


CaptainRob would love to initiate new friendships! I'll be on the lookout for your invitations. I play every day.