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FrigidFighters looking for recruits


Hi! I am the leader of the guild FrigidFighters and we are currently seeking new recruits. I am very commited to building up and growing this guild to becoming one of the strongest guilds in Uceria. Right now is a great time to join us while we are still growing.

We are currently celebrating our first birthday right now and are hoping to expand our memberships to increase our level(currently 13), strength and trading power.

We are a GE participating guild and have an excellent record so if you enjoy GE and are looking for a place that seeks to win you are welcome to join us. We ask our members to help with motivating/polishing, taverns, sticks to bricks and donating to the treasury if you dont have an obs or an arc. We currently have several helpful threads in place including fp swaps, trading thread, obs program etc.

If you are interested contact me.

Happy forging!

Sahun the mage:D
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