Funny whisper from a megalomaniac


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So this kid "Gangsta of Love", formerly ScoobyDooandShaggyToo (not sure why Inno let him change his name) sent me an unprovoked whisper today.

20:25: Gangsta of Love: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
23:09: Gangsta of Love: you will never learn
23:10: Deathmjp: dude, like.. what are you/
23:11: Deathmjp: a burnt out deadbeat on his 3rd account living in a no-Name crap guild on a server where nobody likes or trusts you
23:11: Deathmjp: keep your advice to yoursefl
23:11: Gangsta of Love: yawns
23:11: Deathmjp: yeah exactly
23:11: Gangsta of Love: coming from ahippie, thats means nothing
23:11: Gangsta of Love: do something with your life
23:12: Gangsta of Love: hippie
23:12: Deathmjp: long hair don't care scooby
23:12: Gangsta of Love: lol.... do something useful with your life Shazzy
23:12: Deathmjp: thanks, you already said that
23:13: Deathmjp: got anything else?
23:13: Gangsta of Love: try building an account you actually started and earned?
23:13: Deathmjp: taking over this account was a setback
23:13: Deathmjp: try again
23:13: Gangsta of Love: you see, I'm probably one of the best players in the game
23:14: Gangsta of Love: something you wish you could say
23:14: Gangsta of Love: your tactics suck
23:14: Gangsta of Love: you dont get it
23:14: Gangsta of Love: but then again, yer not a military minded tactition
23:14: Gangsta of Love: just a hippie
23:15: Deathmjp: keep talking, this will look good in the guild thread
23:15: Gangsta of Love: hope so.... maube your guild will wisen up
23:15: Gangsta of Love: and realize you are a joke
23:15: Deathmjp: you really are a sad story
23:15: Gangsta of Love: coming from a loser doesnt mean much
23:15: Deathmjp: what happened to you?
23:16: Deathmjp: you were one of the original shartan family, and now you're banished?
23:16: Gangsta of Love: well, I started a new accouitn and 10 months later one of the highest ranked players in this world
23:16: Deathmjp: in a crap go-nowhere guild with no goals
23:16: Deathmjp: LOL
23:16: Gangsta of Love: Hicky thought it wasnt fair to have me in Sparta so to give you a chance
23:17: Gangsta of Love: I went to train others
23:17: Gangsta of Love: so dont worry Shazzy
23:17: Gangsta of Love: my ping is just about as good as Warvs
23:17: Deathmjp: so now you're admitting to being on a mission for S1
23:18: Deathmjp: that's great
23:18: Gangsta of Love: I'm always on a mission
23:18: Gangsta of Love: you are just blind
23:18: Deathmjp: I bet your butt hurt bad when I squashed any talk of you coming here
23:18: Deathmjp: you're a failure
23:18: Gangsta of Love: kinda.... wanted to help straighten everything out you screwed up
23:19: Deathmjp: what did I screw up in S1? lol
23:19: Gangsta of Love: i still can fix everything you failed at
23:19: Gangsta of Love: you would have to humble yourself
23:19: Deathmjp: do you have a pole lodged in your head?
23:19: Deathmjp: you don't make any sense when you talk. you're just like chaos
23:20: Deathmjp: your thoughts are completely incoherent
23:20: Gangsta of Love: yea, I guess it's hard for you to understand intelligence
23:20: Deathmjp: you're an incoherent, obtuse troll... there is nothing to understand about you
23:21: Deathmjp: you're just mad somebody sees through your garbage
23:21: Gangsta of Love: again it's the intelligence you cant comprehend
23:21: Deathmjp: that's exaclty what stupid people say
23:21: Deathmjp: you wouldn't know. lol
23:21: Gangsta of Love: whats your excuse?
23:22: Gangsta of Love: Your feeble attempt at trolling me is rather amusing
23:23: Gangsta of Love: I know you are afraid of what I am becoming
23:23: Gangsta of Love: STRONG
23:23: Gangsta of Love: soon Shazzy.... very soon
23:23: Gangsta of Love: I'm not as nice as Warv
23:23: Gangsta of Love: or as forgiving as Hicky
23:24: Gangsta of Love: I'm not one to tick off
23:24: Deathmjp: how about piss on? can I pee on you?
23:24: Gangsta of Love: you could try... you would just land on your ass
23:25: Gangsta of Love: ketboard jockeys like you cower to me
23:25: Gangsta of Love: so run along now Shazy
23:25: Gangsta of Love: beware of ticking me off
23:25: Deathmjp: i'm horrified.
23:25: Gangsta of Love: i just might pull out the Black CC and pummle you
23:26: Gangsta of Love: just for fun
23:26: Gangsta of Love: have a great night

I'll be waiting for mu pummleing. LOL