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Funny whisper from a megalomaniac

Discussion in 'East-Nagach Drama' started by Deathmjp, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Deathmjp

    Deathmjp Active Member

    May 21, 2015
    So this kid "Gangsta of Love", formerly ScoobyDooandShaggyToo (not sure why Inno let him change his name) sent me an unprovoked whisper today.

    20:25: Gangsta of Love: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
    23:09: Gangsta of Love: you will never learn
    23:10: Deathmjp: dude, like.. what are you/
    23:11: Deathmjp: a burnt out deadbeat on his 3rd account living in a no-Name crap guild on a server where nobody likes or trusts you
    23:11: Deathmjp: keep your advice to yoursefl
    23:11: Gangsta of Love: yawns
    23:11: Deathmjp: yeah exactly
    23:11: Gangsta of Love: coming from ahippie, thats means nothing
    23:11: Gangsta of Love: do something with your life
    23:12: Gangsta of Love: hippie
    23:12: Deathmjp: long hair don't care scooby
    23:12: Gangsta of Love: lol.... do something useful with your life Shazzy
    23:12: Deathmjp: thanks, you already said that
    23:13: Deathmjp: got anything else?
    23:13: Gangsta of Love: try building an account you actually started and earned?
    23:13: Deathmjp: taking over this account was a setback
    23:13: Deathmjp: try again
    23:13: Gangsta of Love: you see, I'm probably one of the best players in the game
    23:14: Gangsta of Love: something you wish you could say
    23:14: Gangsta of Love: your tactics suck
    23:14: Gangsta of Love: you dont get it
    23:14: Gangsta of Love: but then again, yer not a military minded tactition
    23:14: Gangsta of Love: just a hippie
    23:15: Deathmjp: keep talking, this will look good in the guild thread
    23:15: Gangsta of Love: hope so.... maube your guild will wisen up
    23:15: Gangsta of Love: and realize you are a joke
    23:15: Deathmjp: you really are a sad story
    23:15: Gangsta of Love: coming from a loser doesnt mean much
    23:15: Deathmjp: what happened to you?
    23:16: Deathmjp: you were one of the original shartan family, and now you're banished?
    23:16: Gangsta of Love: well, I started a new accouitn and 10 months later one of the highest ranked players in this world
    23:16: Deathmjp: in a crap go-nowhere guild with no goals
    23:16: Deathmjp: LOL
    23:16: Gangsta of Love: Hicky thought it wasnt fair to have me in Sparta so to give you a chance
    23:17: Gangsta of Love: I went to train others
    23:17: Gangsta of Love: so dont worry Shazzy
    23:17: Gangsta of Love: my ping is just about as good as Warvs
    23:17: Deathmjp: so now you're admitting to being on a mission for S1
    23:18: Deathmjp: that's great
    23:18: Gangsta of Love: I'm always on a mission
    23:18: Gangsta of Love: you are just blind
    23:18: Deathmjp: I bet your butt hurt bad when I squashed any talk of you coming here
    23:18: Deathmjp: you're a failure
    23:18: Gangsta of Love: kinda.... wanted to help straighten everything out you screwed up
    23:19: Deathmjp: what did I screw up in S1? lol
    23:19: Gangsta of Love: i still can fix everything you failed at
    23:19: Gangsta of Love: you would have to humble yourself
    23:19: Deathmjp: do you have a pole lodged in your head?
    23:19: Deathmjp: you don't make any sense when you talk. you're just like chaos
    23:20: Deathmjp: your thoughts are completely incoherent
    23:20: Gangsta of Love: yea, I guess it's hard for you to understand intelligence
    23:20: Deathmjp: you're an incoherent, obtuse troll... there is nothing to understand about you
    23:21: Deathmjp: you're just mad somebody sees through your garbage
    23:21: Gangsta of Love: again it's the intelligence you cant comprehend
    23:21: Deathmjp: that's exaclty what stupid people say
    23:21: Deathmjp: you wouldn't know. lol
    23:21: Gangsta of Love: whats your excuse?
    23:22: Gangsta of Love: Your feeble attempt at trolling me is rather amusing
    23:23: Gangsta of Love: I know you are afraid of what I am becoming
    23:23: Gangsta of Love: STRONG
    23:23: Gangsta of Love: soon Shazzy.... very soon
    23:23: Gangsta of Love: I'm not as nice as Warv
    23:23: Gangsta of Love: or as forgiving as Hicky
    23:24: Gangsta of Love: I'm not one to tick off
    23:24: Deathmjp: how about piss on? can I pee on you?
    23:24: Gangsta of Love: you could try... you would just land on your ass
    23:25: Gangsta of Love: ketboard jockeys like you cower to me
    23:25: Gangsta of Love: so run along now Shazy
    23:25: Gangsta of Love: beware of ticking me off
    23:25: Deathmjp: i'm horrified.
    23:25: Gangsta of Love: i just might pull out the Black CC and pummle you
    23:26: Gangsta of Love: just for fun
    23:26: Gangsta of Love: have a great night

    I'll be waiting for mu pummleing. LOL
  2. tukenprize

    tukenprize New Member

    Feb 8, 2014
    Stick to your conspiracy theories Shaz