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Galactic Recruiting Update


Guild Expedition Championship: 1st 121. 2nd 8. 3rd 0.


Galactic is an Active, High-Growth, Top-Rated Guild. We unlock Guild Expedition to level IV weekly & we are active in GvG. Our strategy is simple: maximize growth of our individual players cities, and the guild as a whole. We are the fastest growing guild on East-Nagath. While this is a fighting game-please treat everyone in & out of the guild with respect.

+1,975 Prestige Bonus
+9,790 Support Pool Bonus
+33% Recruitment Boost
+9 FP Research Boost
+20% Building Rebate

Primary Minimums
1) Aid daily
2) 64/48 Guild Expedition - ability to consistently complete 64/48 GE within 36 hours
3) Have ALL of the following:
- - Appropriate # of HoFs (4 or more)
- - L10+ Observatory, Zeus, CoA, CdM, Alcatraz
- - L30+ Arc (and be actively leveling to L70+)
4) 220 Guild Battleground Encounters per 'season' (20/day)

City Optimization for Exceptional Growth
- minimize roads
- take FP Producing GBs/Fighting GBs - Arc/Chateau, Arctic Orangery, Kraken, Zeus, CoA, CdM, Alcatraz, Terracotta Army to Level 70+ asap

Trade Policy - free market (*within reason)

GvG - Tertiary & Optional
- We are friendly with ALL guilds, except the following East-Nagach annoyances: XXX (& Kwalk) - including any of their sock-puppet supporter guilds.
Please give a heads up when you are out for a week, so you do not adversely affect Guild Expedition for other players. Members who are inactive, or not meeting minimums are welcome back when they become active again. Former members are always welcome.

7/31/17 - Founding 1, 837th Ranked Guild
8/08/17 - Level 11 17th Ranked Guild
8/23/17 - Level 18 9th Ranked Guild
9/20/17 - Level 26 4th Ranked Guild
10/26/17 - Level 34 9th Ranked Guild
12/30/17 - Level 42 5th Ranked Guild
03/09/18 - Level 50 4th Ranked Guild
07/03/18 - Level 58 3rd Ranked Guild
12/21/18 - Level 66 5th Ranked Guild
06/27/19 - Level 74 3rd Ranked Guild
07/25/19 - Level 75 2nd Ranked Guild
02/25/20 - Level 82 NLT Projection
12/25/20 - Level 89 NLT Projection
12/25/21 - Level 98 NLT Projection

Currently we have slots available in Galactic
Please send application for review. Thanks!

Galactic Update:
We are currently offering a unique opportunity for you to join a top 10, level 81 (look up the benefits) fun competitive guild. If you are a previous member, we would really enjoy you returning home. We are waiving our minimum requirements during this member drive. The requirements during this drive will be active daily, have a will to fight/battle, ability to complete all 4 levels of GE, grow and learn from some of the best in the game while having fun. This opportunity will only remain open until we fill the guild to 80 members. Come be part of something special!
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