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Contact Support Galata Tower giving 100% plunder repel


Active Member
The last couple of weeks I notice that the Galata Tower seems to be giving a 100% chance of repel. This morning I deliberately attacked about 10 people in my neighbor who had the Galata Tower and was able to plunder NONE of them. Every single plunder attempt was repelled. The typical tower in my age (Tomorrow) is around level 20 which is supposed to be a 30% chance or something like that. The chance of 10 plunders failing in a row is 1 - 0.70^10 = 2.8% which is pretty small. So, I think the tower might be bugged.

STEPS TO REPRODUCE: To test this go to a Tomorrow Age neighborhood and try to plunder people with a Galata Tower and check if your success rate matches the supposed repel chance of the tower.

BROWSER VERSION: Chrome 88.0.4324.182

HOW OFTEN DOES IT HAPPEN: Plunder fails every time since about a week ago.