1. Cultural Settlement - Feudal Japan

    Arising from the Sengoku period of Feudal Japan, the clan of Akechi Mitsuhide has requested your help.
    As the Daimyo of his village, it is your task to lead the Feudal Japan to prosperity! Detailed information here!
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  2. Changelog 1.153

    Hello Queens and Kings,
    The update to 1.156 will take place on Wed, July 10, 2019. There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time.
    For the detailed description of the upcoming changes, please see the details here.
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  3. GvG Improvements

    Hello Queens and Kings,
    We'd like to keep you updated on what we're planning to do, as we're about to get started on implementing the following improvements, and would love to hear some community insight into if you feel these additions address some of the fundamental issues GvG faces.
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Game Abbreviations

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Snowbelle, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. Snowbelle

    Snowbelle Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2015
    Broken down by Type:


    BA - Bronze Age
    IA - Iron Age
    EMA - Early Middle Ages
    HMA - High Middle Ages
    LMA - Late Middle Ages
    CA - Colonial Age
    INDY - Industrial Age
    PE - Progressive Era
    ME - Modern Era
    PME - Post-Modern Era
    CE - Contemporary Era
    TE - Tomorrow Era
    FE - Future Era
    AF - Arctic Future
    OF - Oceanic Future


    AA - All Ages - a Guild vs. Guild map where units from any age can fight (the only map where AF and above units can...so far)
    GE - Guild Expedition - a weekly player vs. computer game within the game
    GVG/GvG - Guild vs. Guild - a separate map where players battle head to head for territory control
    Hood - Neighbourhood, the people you are grouped with involuntarily who you can aid or plunder
    PvP - Player vs. Player - attacking other players in your hood to plunder their city
    Spears - spearfighters (early units used for cheep siege armies in AA)
    Tower - The military competitions for each age from which you can earn medals if you win more battle points than other players


    Champ Retreat - champion retreat - winnable building producing champion units
    FOY - fountain of youth - GE version of Wishing Well
    SOA - shrine of awe - winnable building producing medals when motivated
    SOI - shrine of inspiration - winnable building producing blueprints when motivated
    SOK - shrine of knowledge - winnable building producing FP when motivated
    WW - wishing well - winnable building with random production
    SSW - Sacred Sky Watch
    TF - Terrace Farm


    AM - Atlantis Museum
    AO - Arctic Orangery
    CDM - Castel del Monte
    CF - Chateau Frontenac
    COA - Cathedral of Aachen
    Colo - Colosseum
    DC/Deal - Deal Castle
    DT - Dynamic Tower
    FOD - Frauenkirche of Dresden
    HS - Hagia Sophia
    Inno - Innovation Tower
    LOA - Lighthouse of Alexandria
    ND - Notre Dame
    Obs - Observatory
    RAH - Royal Albert Hall
    RFP - Rain Forest Project
    SBC - St. Basil's Cathedral
    SMB - Saint Mark's Basilica
    SV - Sed Vault
    Traz - ALCATRAZ!
    TOB - Tower of Babel
    TOR - Temple of Relics
    VV/V1 - Voyager V1
    Zeus - Statue of Zeus

    Age up - advance to the next age (see above)
    Beta -the beta-test server where things are tried out before they hit the main servers
    BP - Blueprints - used to build great buildings, obtained by aiding, or donating to ones that already exist
    DD - Double Dip - when a Great Building reaches the next level you get an extra collection from it. Most players try to wait until after their usually daily collection to add the final FP(s) to level it so they can double dip and get the production twice in succession thereby not resetting the 24 hour clock.
    FP - Forge Points - a major currency in the game used for research and GB levelling
    GB - Great Buildings - you must collect 9 BP to build these and pay a lot of goods, quality of bonuses may vary
    Lock - to secure a spot on a GB by donating enough FP that no other player can pass you to take that ranking (eg. donating 100 FP to a level that requires 200 means you have "locked" first)
    Mo-PO/mopo - Motivate and/or polish (ie Aid)
    Polivate - see Mo-Po
    Snipe - to overtake a player to lock a reward level on a GB when the other player was donating on a regular basis in the hopes of taking that spot (use of this term is hotly debated)
    _-World - insert a letter in the blank or a short version of each of the servers (it is often difficult to remember the spelling of each world)
    RQ- Reoccurring quests
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