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game freeze


10 weeks ago I bought a new HP stream laptop. Running windows 10 and using edge as browser. I have not downloaded any other browser nor downloaded anything of any type except dropbox and 1 picture 7 weeks ago. I am not using the html version of foe, nor have I tried it. All other aspects of my laptop are performing fine.. including any browsing on the internet.

foe has run smoothly since I bought laptop until 3 days ago. I noticed game freezing when attempting to visit taverns. Reloaded page, and game worked fine. Yesterday, the freeze occurred more often and while doing more actions. Examples: 1) freeze after clicking an incident 2) more frequent freezes from visiting taverns. 3) clicking on any gb. 4) entering ge. Today it has become worse. All the previous issues are occurring more frequently (every minute or two.. or every 4-5 taverns visited I get freeze) Now game is freezing while collecting from any building. Not every time, but enough that is throwing off timing on everything due to having to reload over and over. Also, now entering battles and during battles I get freeze. To get through one simple ge battle, I have to reload game 2-4 times.

I cleared my cache which did not help nor fix any of the issues. I am not sure what else to try. Anyone else having these issues? Anyone have ideas as to what is going on ? ty