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I would like to recommends that the cities in FoE be programmed to have a "time of day" option under manual settings that allow for a day-night cycle, or day only and night only parameter. The idea being, that we would be able witness nightfall in this amazingly detailed graphic game. Moreover, as darkness descends across these magnificent landscapes, the lights inside the buildings and residence come on and glow, while the torches, fires, and other light activated animation continue to radiate. This would be an amazing visual & visceral experience don't you think? Can you see how it make you want to acquire and build more just for the fun of it?

I would eventually like to take a poll of our membership, in order to convince management to explore the possibility of facilitating this fantastic imagery, because no matter the cost, they can afford it. LOL! But all levity aside, it would be a value-added incentive for new & old members.

I know this idea will have its usual naysayers, simply because it's there to put down and complain about, but othing is impossible or out of reach if you can imagine it. Please, vigorously comment and tell others to do the same, so that we can get to the next level of polling, then possible execution.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Current System
Keep in mind, that even though this is a global game, the time of day, as an IT function, would be determined by the internal clock in our devices, I would think (more below). I don't really believe that's the big obstacle, as much as some of the other critical programming requirements, that I am unaware of in order to make this happen.

  • Details
I am certain the night/day cycle will be annoying for some, going from light & dark might make it hard to distinguish objects and when the sun rises, you see you messed up and cry "foul." My purpose for suggesting this idea (as optional) is simply to take advantage of the already artistic detailed work done by the gaming architects on the residential and great buildings already so wonderfully constructed. It begs for a night-time version over an already impressive daytime rendering. As for the cycling option, I see it as a gradual change in color temperature as lights/torches, etc. in the cities replace the illumination used during the day. It is not meant to change gameplay or accuracy of information. It is a simple cosmetic interface meant to entertain, especially during times when activities are at a lull or you just want to keep it up and running with the changing music you might be able to mix in (there's another idea).

I figure the difficulty of these type of features isn't really about the technical aspect given all the hooks to adjust time should exist already but how to present the player with those options in a sensible way that's manual?

For example in Minecraft you type in commands to adjust time. I suspect the developers here don't want to go down that path, not that there is anything wrong with giving players access to console commands but I don't think it fits with their general approach to this game, which is user friendly and child proof. In any event, I will leave those permutations to the management braintrust to sort out. My efforts here are designed to reflect my admiration for the entertainment value inherent in their property.

Additional Information
I am not a computer programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but below I did discover the following information that may be useful. And since I was asked to follow this "format's heading," I'm trying as best I can to comply.

Setting a Day-Night Cycle:

You can use the Time of Day Editor to configure changes to environment parameters over time to mimic a day-night lighting cycle. The Time of Day Editor uses a 24-hour timeline graph and a recording function to store changing environment parameter values in an XML file. Select the red button to record.
Environment parameter values that you change in the Parameters panel of the Time of Day Editor are set for the currently selected time. The Time of Day graph shows changes to the selected parameter over time. When a parameter value is changed, the graph curve is updated for the currently selected time. You can also directly change the curve by dragging it up or down between the key frame points. Key frame points are displayed as yellow dots. You can insert new key frame points by double-clicking the curve. To remove existing key frame points, double-click the key frames (yellow dots) themselves. Lumberyard interpolates parameter values for times that lie between key frame points.

configuring a day-night cycle
1. In Lumberyard Editor, click Tools, Other, Time Of Day.
2. In the Time of Day Tasks pane, under Tasks, click Toggle Advanced Properties to view all parameters.
3. In the Parameters pane, adjust the parameter value for each cycle that you want to create. Then do the following:
a. Click the red button to start recording.
b. In the Time of Day Tasks pane, under Time, set the Current Time to apply the parameter value. The graph reflects the new value at the specified time.
c. Set a new parameter value and current time value pair. Repeat as many times as needed to get a realistic change over time for the parameter.
d. Click the red button to stop recording.
4. In the Time of Day Tasks pane, complete the following tasks as needed to export, import, and play a time-of-day (day–night) cycle.

Import From File
Imports cycle settings from an .xml file.
Export To File
Exports cycle settings to an .xml file.
Reset Values
Resets all parameters to their default values.
Current Time
Sets the current time in the Time of Day editor.
Start Time
Sets the time to use when the game starts. This is not the same value as the current time.
End Time
Sets the time to use when the game ends. If you set the end time to 23.59, the time loops and starts the next cycle when the day is over.
Play Speed
Sets the speed at which time advances in the cycle.
Starts or resumes the playback of the cycle in the Time of Day editor. If the current time value is not within the start and end times, playback begins at the specified start time.
Stops the playback of the cycle in the Time of Day editor.
Force Sky Update
Updates the sky lighting calculations in each frame. If deselected, calculations are distributed over several frames. The effect may not be visible for some time.

  • Abuse & Prevention
I see no abuse opportunities in this idea, only enjoyment and self expression for how some arrange their cities.

  • Conclusion
I spent a lot of time on this proposal trying to strike the right balance of information and enthusiasm. I was not above celebrating the computer and management geniuses that created these worlds. But it was easy to do, because their efforts where exceptional and excites the imagination.

I'm fairly new to this game and so I come to it with fresh eyes. But I'm sure I have not treaded on unfamiliar ground offering up this vision. But perhaps we should remember that sometimes something has to be said more than once before it takes hold. And so, I'm adding my contribution to this worthy venture of grown folks entertainment.

I hope it will spawn a healthy discussion on expanding this interactive enterprise that now belongs to all of us engaged in its social play.
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