GB Balancing Issues


I thought this was on the "do not propose" list but apparently it is not. For the record i honestly don't care about the point issues but we seem to be losing more and more good players everyday.

Retain the formula that issues points for lvling a great building. However, cap the points at 100k.

Current system:
The formula allows for point gains in the trillions.

For example a CDM starts giving more than a 100k around lvl 20 i believe. A zeus would around lvl 30(theoretically i haven't seen one) Once a gb has reached its cap this would give 1 million points per 10 lvls. Considering the effort, fps, and time this is fair.

Visual aids:

Buy i shouldn't i get more points for lvling a gb from lvl 50-60 than from 40-50? You still get the rewards, a million points can give you an edge over other fighters, and would allow for you to compete against fighters in ranking. Plus this is simplest way to deal with it I believe.


Id have an issue with this IF ranking was worth anything or gave a boost of some sort but it isn't so i say no


The GB ranking points does need to be fixed. Supposedly the developers have been working on the issue (or at least they have been telling EN servers for the last 8 months), meanwhile we have them changing other aspects of the game that no one cares about like the quest overlay. I support this proposal. All this game has become, is how many forge points to stack on a great building. For many the fun is gone when a player can make an account and get more points without researching or fighting. All you have to do is stack your forge points. Generally this is concurrent with begging for forge points in global chat and reminding others just how high level your GBs are.

Do the developers not know how to fix their own boo boo, or do they just not care at this point?


In reality, this is a bad spot for Inno to be in. On one hand, they are alienating most (if not all) of their long term players. On the other, they are most likely seeing a huge increase in revenue from the players leveling their Great Buildings.

We've seen major changes to our GB's before that seriously impacted the game, so it's possible to change this. The question is, do they even want it changed? This issue was known by the developers long before any players figured it out, and yet it was still allowed.

So it's dollars vs loyalty to the long term players. In a game that may very well be winding down, I doubt even they know the answer at this point.


Maybe I'm missing something, far as I know, the only benefit to ranking points is 'bragging rights'. Yeah, seeing someone pile up a brazillion points for leveling up their GB can be annoying, but it doesn't really change their power in the game. Sure, they get a higher GB payout, but other than that they're still whatever level they are. I guess that ranking points matter if your goal is to be "#1", but otherwise they're really not that important.


Yeah I don't really see a way out of it for Inno at this point. It was a bad move, but they won't be able to undo the current scores without substantial backlash, and ya can't exactly make a different set of rules for the new kids on playground.

My take? Just let the baby have its bottle. Both the medal & point leaderboards have been totally meaningless for a while now. This is nothing new to veterans and basically can't be undone without major difficulty. If a couple of players wanna dump in real money for notoriety on a false bragging post that is largely being ignored anyway, I don't see the issue. Perhaps its good for both players & inno in the end. My only real concern is that it encourages alts.


They will need to do something before the scores get so high that the software will eventually crash. Using an exponential function for points was monumentally short sighted. Score is supposed to increase linearly while the cost goes up exponentially, not the other way around.


This is currently already on the radar, yes, and an agreement made to re-evaluate the points from GBs. However at this time no projected time-scale has been given for this. As a JIRA already exists for this issue, it is unlikely that any further proposals would be accepted.


Thanks for the feedback Starzaan, What is a JIRA?
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Jira is the system by which issues are reported to the developers; you will see it most commonly in the bug section, however it can also be used for the purposes of putting forward proposed changes, as in this instance.


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I don't understand something major as this would take more than a year to fix. Being aware of this problem is not good enough, we need some action taken before all the fighters quit playing and the game will become -like game.