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  1. Keyser

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    Dec 29, 2012
    My proposal is to raise the amount of medals and forge points rewarded in all of the GB level rewards to encourage the contributions of forgepoints to Great Buildings.

    The pioneers that were in game and were the first to build GBs reaped huge rewards from the hungry mob that eagerly donated to their GBs. I have no problem with that and applaud their initiative. But, shortly after, the probability of obtaining GB prints from polishing and/or motivating was increased. Later on, more and more players started construction on their own GBs. Myself included. The problem now is that there are so many GBs that contributions are diltued to an almost stagnat condition even if you have a very active friends list and a great guild, which I do. The point is that anyone starting construction now has missed the curve and will have a very difficult time seeing their GBs progress without their own forgepoint contributions.

    Since I have all the GBs i desire, apart from the Deal Castle, I have no reason to contribute to my friends or guildmates GBs other than to help them out. You might say, well there are medals and forgepoints to obtain, and you are correct. Thing is, I am still progressing in research and those forgepoints are hella valuable to me right now. But, if there was an increase in medals and forgepoints to the rewards in the GB levels, I would surely scout the GBs in my guild and friends list more often. This is all a matter of balance, imo. New players are especially vulnerable if they focus on obtaining a GB only to see no contributions, since there is no more demand for the prints, and see their efforts wasted.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.