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Do Not Suggest GB Hidden Folder

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New Member

Add a hidden folder for players to put unbuilt GBs in that we do not intend to build so that they no longer receive random blueprints

This would be very helpful to those of us that have diamond farms and those of us that do not intend to progress farther than a particular world.

Int the GB building menu, when you right click on a GB a hide option would be that would send the GB to a hidden folder at the end of the GB list. These GBs would not receive random blueprints. In the hidden folder, the option would need to be added to unhide the GB in case the player ever changed their mind about building the GB.

Visual Aids:
I don’t know how to do this.

This should not impact other game features. It should not cause major adjustments or changes?

Abuse Prevention:
I do not foresee this change allowing the possibility for players to cheat?

I am not aware of any other questions that would need to be answered.

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
The idea would unbalance the GBs prints you get, so you would always gain favorable prints. . People could 'cheat' by placing ALL GBs into the pocket except one to gain only one very desirable Print they seek, unless what would happen is the prints are handed out as usual, just the unwanted prints never make it into the players collection. So the percentage of desired prints would never change pocket or not. IMO it ia just as easy to ignore the unwanted prints. I must have several thousand Colosseum. Who cares? LOL
I would love to get nothing but Atomium and Truce Tower Prints at the moment. But I do not think this idea is a very good.


I'm going to challenge the premise of this suggestion.

First - the concept of putting a folder in place to gate control of BP generation only places an extremely short term outlook on your current and future needs. I'd bet that many people would put the Gaea Statue into that "bucket", citing their disdain for those prints at the expense of other more important buildings they think they need NOW, or soon.

Then flash - you find you need to build a Gaea because you didn't balance your happy / population equation and this solves your problem. But oops - you don't have prints for it because a year ago, you put it into your magic folder NEVER thinking you'd need it.

But now you do.

There is no risk to generate all building BPS, and they just accumulate, without clutter or incident. I just laugh when I get a Colosseum print, and then wonder how many newbies think that's important to have in their city.

Secondly, the equations that INNO uses to generate BPs for your matrices are non-gaussian. In other words, all matrix cells do not fill "evenly" when you earn prints - and they did this on purpose. It drives a substantial part of the game time you spend here: lifting each others buildings and the repetition of that event. As well, it also gets people to spend diamonds on persistent holes, or even trade 2:1 for the chance to fill them.

If they all filled evenly, people wouldn't have to chase prints or pay diamonds for them - and there would be no "holes" in the matrix. The game wouldn't have "I need more BPS!!!" and I NEED IT NOW... as a driver for us helping each other lift buildings.

Don't think we want to mess with this at the moment. It's part of the game to get something you don't need, and possibly save it for when you might.
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  • Extreme changes (new battle system, ...)
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