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GB Struggles


I have parts of many GBs but cant seem to complete any blueprints I have a fair world ranking and many medals. How do you get completed blueprints so easily?


I think "so easily" is a perception, not necessarily related to reality. While it is possible to complete missing BP with diamonds, I think many players do not. It takes a ton of M/P, many also plunder. Some BP come through quests. But it's a lot of work.


I hit the guild (70+ players) 3-4 times a week, friends (130+ players) 2-4 times a week and plunder most neighbors (70 players) 4-6 times a week. They tend to accumulate. It is amazing how many you get when you quit checking for awhile. I have also gotten a fair amount from GB donations, mostly trade partners who let me put the FP into the building I want and vice versa. Patience is a virtue.


Yes, if you contribute enough to someone's Zeus (for example), when it reaches the next level you'll earn FP, medals and Zeus blueprints.


The odds are brutal. For a given age there are 18 unique blueprints. Aid/Polish/Motivate will get you a blueprint of that age about 1% of the time, but you can also try for Great Building award packages, or spend 200 diamonds to get exactly the blueprint that you need.

If you can use 7 of the 18 possible blueprints, then it's obvious that the odds of your NEXT blueprint being useful are 7:18 but it's more convenient to think in terms of how many draws you'll need to get any one of the remaining useful blueprints and that's 18/7 draws.


If you want either of the 2 Great Buildings, then just ignore the first 9 terms.

So if you have average luck,
  • you'll need 63 blueprints for BOTH buildings in each age
  • you'll need 51 blueprints for your first building in each age
Assuming that you're visiting 50 cities every day, and carefully selecting the target age, that's one blueprint every 2 days. It certainly SEEMS that the yield is higher, but every time I actually count it's right at 1%. So you'll need most of 4 months for your first Great Building, if you just depend on Aid/Polish/Motivate.

You can also improve your odds just a bit by converting 2+2 or 3 duplicates into a random blueprint for that particular Great Building, which is the equivalent of two draws in the above table, so it's not a very good strategy as you'll need those blueprints once you max out your Great Building at level 10.
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easy .... to get blueprints , find someone with the Great building you want ( the higher the level the better ) and donate a BUNCH of forge points to it .......... when the great building levels you will get blue prints for that great building :)

as an example .... I have a level 19 Alcatraz ATM and the top donater will get 5 blue prints for that great building
to better your odds at getting blueprints you dont have ........

find a lot of people that have that great building and donate to all of them ( you must be in the top 4 or 5 donaters to get blue prints ) do that for a while ( dont worry about your tech tree for the time being ) and you will get a few full sets in no time

edit ...... dont do the 2:1 trade to try to get the piece you need ...... odds are you will just loose blue prints that you will need to unlock the next level ( after level 10 )
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I have parts of many GBs but cant seem to complete any blueprints I have a fair world ranking and many medals. How do you get completed blueprints so easily?
I have 7 GB that I built 9 GB that I still need blueprints to finish only 1 of the 9 do want to build. I get a lot of blueprints because I M/P every day everyone that I did not PvP battle. I also started a GB circle which I only have 1 day left open which is Tuesday if you want to join ask to be my friend we give 5 Fp's each week on that day to a GB. I have a lot of friend that give to my GB and I give to them. It adds up. Hope to get a friendship invite to join my GB circle.


For me, it's all about m/p or aiding. Fill the friends list and aid your neighbors. You can aid as many as 300 players a day (or plunder in your hood). I usually get 2-6 BP a day. I think you'll find, if you stop trying so hard, you'll have all the BP you need in a couple weeks. :)


Dont use the Aid Button......go to each persons town one by one, and select the age of building you want the BP for.

So if you want Zeus BPs....go to each town and Motivate/Polish only Bronze Age buildings/decorations.

Aid is random and you will get BPs from lots of ages.


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I stopped putting anything on the tech tree once I was at the end of EMA--I'm still there--and now have 4 gb's. I only need 1 or 2 bps for 5 more. I m/p guild (80) and friends (90+ and growing) daily; I m/p or plunder neighbors as time allows. I am relentless about searching my guild and friends for gb's I need and contribute to them with all the fp's I'm not swapping to level up my existing gb's. I started playing at the end of September. Not easy, but fun and definitely worth it. Listen to Ruby and caveman and the other frequent posters. I've learned a lot by coming here every day, not just about GB's. If you happen to be in A world, send me a friend request.


I've garnered a plethora of BPs by aiding Friends, Guild Teammates and members of the particular world(s) I'm in. Occasionally, Incidents will give-up a BP as well as Daily Challenge and Side Challenges. I prefer not to plunder as I'm not into PvP or GvG. Current city in Langendorn has 10 GBs and a couple of BPs short of an 11th.