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Contact Support GBG after exiting can not click on GBs or buildings

Battle Kitten

New Member
  • Browser and Version: Mobile
  • Overview of the bug: After exiting GBG this often occurs where I cannot click on my GBs to access them, I can still click on my portrait and access GBs that way, I also cannot click on anything else to access it, e.g settlements, production buildings. collect from any building or GB.
  • I can not re-enter the GBG map either after exiting the GBG map.
  • Screenshots:I don't know how to provide a screenshot of not being able to click on a building
  • How often this occurs: This happens about 50% of the time after exiting the GBG map
  • Urgency: Its annoying but not game breaking. to fix the issue I force close the app and restart. does not happen on PC
  • Preventative Actions: clearing Cache, memory, re installing app.
  • Summary: Can't collect or access GBs, settlements, collect from buildings after exiting GBG map
  • I have performed a quick search of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: No.