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Do Not Suggest GbG Guild Battlegrounds LP League Points Update - There Can Be Only One!

Seasonal LP values over 1000?

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  • You're on to something, let the Devs figure it out

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  • I don't like winners and losers

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GbG, Guild Battlegrounds, is a strategic combat game that runs in seasons every two weeks. Winning the 1-3 spots on a map increases a guild's League Points (LP) until a maximum of 1000 LP. Once there are multiple Diamond maps in a world it is possible to have many guilds at the maximum of 1000 LP and it is impossible to tell who won the previous season, nor does placing 1-3 matter to guilds at 1000 LP on the same map. It is my belief that it should matter who wins on the Diamond maps, and that it should be reflected in Guild prestige as well as information visible to all players in a world. I believe the solution is to have the actual LP reflect the results of the previous season, while maintaining a base 1000 LP maximum. Thus after winning a season if a guild started at 1000 LP they could place first and have 1175 LP for two weeks. At the end of the next season their base LP of 1000 would be used with the results from the most recent season. Likewise 2 and 3 spots would be above 1000 LP and by looking through all the guild information pages it would be clear who placed where in the previous season. It would also have the following tangible benefits:

1) The addition LP would increase the Guild Prestige calculation naturally giving a boost to winners
2) It would solve all matchmaking issues, regardless of other tie-breaking schemes
3) It would create a "top Diamond" map

While outside the scope of this Idea Submission, some other ideas become possible after this is implemented such as creating a single per-world Crystal Map of the highest LP guilds that has higher rewards and an additional Guild Prestige boost.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Yes, I've scoured the forums for months, which is not a game I like to play.


In a combat game there should be winners and the rewards for winning.


No changes are necessary except to alter the 1000 LP maximum to allow a temporary boosted value. On the Guild Page instead of showing 1000 LP it would show 1175 / 1000 LP.

Visual Aids:

This is math


Balance would be improved, matchmaking would be fixed, the Battlegrounds LP victory rewards would function properly as-is. This would move the overall Guild Ranking slightly towards GbG away from GvG.

Abuse Prevention:

This is not abuseable, and probably should have been this way from the start.


Battlegrounds is a lot of fun when guilds are matched well and have an incentive to win. It takes a lot of coordination, timing and team work to win against other motivated guilds, the guild rewards should reflect this.


FOE Team
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Still not formatted right. Poll can only have 2 options, not 4, but it is DNS anyhow. There is an active feedback thread for this, where similar suggestions have already been made. Also Guild Prestige has nothing to do with GBG.