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[Question] GBG Rewards for non-participating Guilds

Flavius Belisarius

Active Member
If a Guild doesn't:
A. Take a province during their League Season
B. Have any winning battles

Do they still get/earn placement for rewards?

I apologize if this is buried in the Search Files, I looked but couldn't find it.


Well-Known Member
I believe the guild in total needs to make a minimum amount of advances. Can't remember the details, but it's less than the number needed to take a single province.

Flavius Belisarius

Active Member
So if a Guild in a League, takes no Provinces, but wins a couple of battles they get a reward?
Uh, that seems broke unless they receive a reduced amount of Statue BP's.
In the last two silver Leagues, I finished 5th and got 30 Fragments. So any of the Guilds below me who took NO provinces receive 29 Frags?
Nah. Bad juju!
I believe they have to complete 40 advances to receive League rewards, no requirements on taking provinces. So you could finish a season with 0 Victory Points and still get the last place (or higher if tied) rewards.