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Currently, in the Silver League, first place will get you over 100K Guild Power Points. Last place is not much different. In the Copper League, you get about half of that. Rewards are given after 2 weeks of fighting and/or negotiation, so make of those numbers what you will.


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In terms of prestige (guild ranking):
GBG offered comparable prestige to GvG for top guilds on beta under the 8 hour recalc (which they're rolling back). Assuming GBG prestige isn't increased that'd put GBG prestige at about 1/3 of the GvG potential for a top guild. They did state as an objective that they wanted GBG to be comparable in ranking to GvG though so there's a decent chance it does get increased. Either way for a lower ranked guild GBG's prestige will be very significant and will be a source of rank for non-GvG guilds. This will start to show up at the end of the first season of GBG.

In terms of guild power
GBG offers ~3500 power a day for first in copper league. This is comparable to a low to mid strength GvG guild. First in diamond offers ~35000 power a day, way more than a guild would get from GvG. In comparison to GE, it blows it away even in copper for a small-medium sized guild or a guild composed of a lot of lower age players. For a large and high age guild, they may need to do well to be comparable to doing well in GE.

In terms of personal benefits
The random individual rewards are probably comparable to GE for a very active contributor though much smaller individually. The statue of honor is better than any current GE building, meaning it's more likely to keep a place in your city, but will also take longer to obtain.
I am in a guild where we have a rather staunch supporter of GBG and it's worth to the guild (top 5 ranked guild) regardless of massive expenditures to the point of near depletion of certain age goods to support his "campaign." This has caused a major split in the guild including a walk-out of 7 more than 5-year players who've played exclusively or primarily for this guild.

During one of his tirades, he stated that there was no gain to a player's individual rank from GE or GvG and I am utterly convinced that I've read somewhere that there is and have even seen charts on this. I tried a search here on the forum for a comparative study or anything pertaining to just how exactly a player's personal rank is calculated and simply cannot find anything! Is there anyone who would be able to direct me to where I can find this information?

Also, I'd be very interested in finding any information that shows any comparative study between GBG / GE / and PvP as GBG was supposed to be the latter's answer to GvG. ??? Thanks again, Mor


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During one of his tirades, he stated that there was no gain to a player's individual rank from GE or GvG and I am utterly convinced that I've read somewhere that there is and have even seen charts on this.
The official wiki supports that there is absolutely a gain to the individual rank for all the guild activities
Battle Points for each unit killed: Units
Ranking Points for each good used: Goods + Battle Points calculation

What the difference is will be determined by how much you use that feature. GvGs potential lies in the position of your hexes and how many hexes you can attack. Lets say each hex is equivalent to a non-boosted Gold league GBG sector (100 battles) if you're fighting in your equivalent age.

GE would be 64 encounters total. Still worth doing because of the diamonds, FPs and various AD fodder.

It's completely pointless to throw both the other features out as worthless. Even if you only do a few hexes in GvG it's pretty cheap to do when you dont have many hexes owned. GE is also fairly cheap and a set cost.
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I really appreciate your speedy response! I have been driving myself bonkers trying to find this stuff and I get an "error message" that basically states that I need to refine my search terms as I'm using too many with, say a G in them, like GBG, GvG, and GE, etc. AFTER I picked myself up off of the floor laughing, I wrote the above plea! LOL (pssst, can someone please add GBG, GvG, GE, and maybe even GB to the forum's search engine dictionary sometime? ;p JK) Many thanks, Mor