GE Perfect Score: Congratulations, Shinobi Society from the House of Morrigan

Wow! Y'all sure had us on the run! Sneaky! I'd like to extend our most heartfelt congratulations on not only beating us to the punch in a last-minute effort but an ASTOUNDING effort on your Guild's part in achieving a perfect score against us this week! Awesome!

It's very obvious that your Guild has an amazing ethic and the camaraderie and hard work you've obviously done/have was obvious in your Herculean efforts and eventual success in overtaking us in a bid for that perfect, oh-so-sweet (we've only done it once before) score: 133.33%

If it's your first, relish it and keep it in mind for the future: we do!

From one tiny guild to another: CONGRATULATIONS!

On behalf of my guild-mates and friends, Bree and James, thank you for an amazing week and a tough run! We loved it and look forward to our next meeting? ;)

Best of luck, best wishes, and Forge On!

House of Morrigan

(I don't know if anyone from the Shinobi Society actually uses the forum, so if you know anyone in this guild, would you be kind enough to pass along this message? Many thanks!)