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New Member
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Just wanted to send mad props to Inconceivable. Made us bust our humps! First time Ive been involved with 2 plus 130% guilds. Good group of fighters there. Good luck!


Active Member
Inconceivable is from my home world. Pretty quiet but hard-working. Good to seen them doing well in GE

Dr. Mafia

Well-Known Member
i mean if it gets that close couldnt u just fail the last attack over and over gaining more points?
The max amount a guild can get is 133.3%. The points individually gained (if failed) do not have an effect on the overall percentage of a guild.


Well-Known Member
the amount of encounters, and how quick you get them count in the guild position in that GE round.
the points gained by encounters (won or lost) go towards leveling up the guild.