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Get rid of "Fragments" of wishing wells and shrines

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Please do away with the wishing well fragments and shrine fragments, or at least let us give them away in the auction. They are completely worthless and annoying to receive. I'd rather get nothing. You give away too many shrines as it is.


They may be worthless to you. They are not worthless to everyone. There are a lot of "junk" items.


Well-Known Member
I don't mind getting fragments at all. Both my cities are fairly new. The newer one will be a diamond farm. More than happy that I picked up 5 ww fragments and 2 ww shrink fragments this event. I be needing those some day.


Super Catanian

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Pro Life Tip:
  1. Keep WW and SoK Fragments in your Inventory without deleting them.
  2. Collect 15 Fragments and assemble the respective Building to receive it in your Inventory.
  3. Place that Building in the Antiques Dealer to get Trade Coins and a lot of Gemstones.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.
{This list was approved by Kirby}


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I think fragments are fine. It allows more areas of the game to offer these buildings as rewards by way of fragments, where just giving the buildings outright would be too powerful.

Dido 815 the Scourge

Active Member
Now that we have the Antiques Dealer, few (if any) items are truly worthless since they can eventually be traded in towards the purchase of a desired item. And it doesn’t even cost you any diamonds to do so.


Lannister the Rich

Well-Known Member
-1 nah, it costs you nothing to keep them in your inventory and you get the fragments more often than you get the complete building. I’d agree with you if it were the other way around
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