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Getting ready to quit


Active Member
I'm just saying I'm getting ready to quit. I've got people raiding me every day, the same people time and again. what's the point? If this were 'real' I could load up a massive defensive force but the game won't let me so why should I bother with the effort?

Maybe the people running the game should consider the fact this raiding is quite probably costing them customers. it's one thing if you do it to others but someone minds their own business still gets screwed over.
So simple to fix that log on more often and collect your goods and you will not get plundered
I attack all I can and take their goods it's how you grow faster in this game just killing the 2 speerfighters


FOE Team
Forum Moderator
I find it somewhat fascinating just how often and just how many people necro outdated threads. For example, this threads last post was I think December of 2019 and its halfway through 2021 now. So your talking about roughly 18 months. I have actually seen some threads brought back to life after more than 3 and 4 years.

I know that for the most part, the majority of them don't realize when the last post was done.

I know that this is irrelevant to the topic but I had to say it, lol.


Well-Known Member
If all the whiners quit who threaten to quit FOE would be so very quiet and peaceful...
The forum would flourish with more good advice and much less whine without cheese....
One can only hope....
I would much rather they grow, learn to play the game and then decide if it's the kind of game they'll enjoy than for them to just quit at the first hurdle. It's a skill that would help them outside the game to persevere at something long enough to figure out a solution (without looking for a easy way out) if it's something they're actually interested in. Obviously if they're not interested in something then there's no harm in just moving on. But it's always good to give something a proper chance or ask for help to see what you can achieve

The Lady Redneck

Well-Known Member
Back before the hoods were age specific the top 5 or so players in every hood were high age players. They put threats on their profiles demanding FPs on their GBs from lower players or they would "blow them out of the water". I put a note on mine saying they had a snowballs chance in hell of ever getting diddly squat from me. With an add on for the rest of the hood saying to ignore them. I got told by some of the bullies to stop harming their income or they would make things so bad for me I would have to quit the game. I said "Bring it on". and continued to taunt them back. It got so bad a couple of times that they would attack the guild I was in telling the founders to ditch me or face the consequences. Well I did not quit. Neither did a lot of others. In fact the game has gone from strength to strength. At least it has until lately but present problems which could be a threat to the future of the game have nothing to do with plundering. But I have said enough about that elsewhere.

But one sad aspect is that I hardly ever get "Love letters" any longer from hoodies whose cities I have visited. It does not seem to matter how much I help their peasant to Spring clean their palaces, vineyards etc., or how many trains I unload. Or the fact that I am selfless enough to store some of their goods in my inventory to save them space. I used to get such nice letters telling me what they thought of my efforts. Many even alluded to my parentage or what profession they thought I was in. But now. except for those who wail loudly here on the forums. It seems that the art of composing such communication has died in the game.