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Gilded of BlackHall RECRUITING

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Are you playing alone? Is your progress slow and trades take long to get accepted? Do you want to have even more fun playing FoE?
If you recognize yourself in any statements above, come and join our merry company.

We are a small and active guild. There isn't many of us, but we work together and help each other. Fair trades, forge point swaps, battleground and expeditions are a regular thing for us.

Do you want to get the Statue of Honor? Just stick with us for some time and you will get enough fragments do build it. Temple of relics blueprints are waiting for you in our expedition map and other blueprints are up for grabs regularly with forge point swaps.
With fair trades we can help you speed up your progress. Keep in mind that our highest member is in Industrial era so we can help you with goods previous to that.

You don't need an invite just copy the name from the thread title and click join.
We look forward to new members
AVE! Kvintus Lucenius Cato