Global Warming is a hoax?

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REALLY ! say it ain't so, I certainly hope you did not just come to that conclusion.... :)

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There is small evidence that the average global temperature is up about 2.7 degrees C
The real evidence is the loss of permafrost. glaciers, rising sea levels, more desert land, new diseases, large beds of algae in the waters.
Did you know that in a recent study there is appx. 65% of the worlds oxygen produced is now from the algae?
Used to be that forests and farming accounted for almost 90%
Does this tell you what the main reason for global warming is?
It is not pollutants but our devastation of our main basic economy.
Plants and trees.
The U.N. has a proposed plan to plant 5 billion trees world wide by the year 2024, but the plan is flawed.
I have an amendment that I am drafting, showing that if these trees are not cared for(as the big 40million trees in Australia), more than 60% will be lost to drought and fires (as happened in Australia)
Wish me luck.
P.S. Just one tree removes all the pollution in 1 year, 1 single person can create in an entire lifetime.
It also adds ozone back to replenish our breathing for every single man, and animal specie.
So 5 billion would be a great start, just needs the care, which creates jobs and revenues, otherwise its pointless.


Well... I mean it could be or it couldn't be. We know from geologic evidence that the Earth has heated up in the past and then cooled down several times before, so global warming might be taken to correlate with that. However, the rate at which the Earth is heating up may indicate weather (get it?) or not man is the source of this heating. This argument, of course, pre supposes that the Earth IS heating up.

I don't know if it is heating up or not, but according to my geology professor, it is.

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The problem is with the label "global warming". What is indisputable to anyone paying attention to the weather events of the past century or so is that climate change is happening. Whether or not it is caused by anything mankind is or has been doing is debatable. What isn't is whether we should do what we can to take care of the only planetary home we have at the moment.


Global Warming and Climate change are both a hoax made up to garner taxes from the working people.

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Dont forget that by burning one tree is just as dangerous as emission from a steel mill in China
Any time you have alarmists telling you "climate change" (formerly global warming) is the greatest threat to mankind and all life as we know it will end if we don't do something about it and, oh by the way, "give us lots of money" you should question it. Is the overall global temp up? Yes. Has the overall temp of the globe gone down over the past 15 years? Yes. Yes, friends, the climate changes, Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall, isn't it wonderful? Does mankind pollute the earth causing changes as well? Yes. But the entire civilized world since the industrial age hasn't put enough CO2 or other contaminants into the atmosphere to do what the alarmists are claiming. The climate is changing as it has for millennia on this planet, but we have very little to do with it. So in that sense, yes, I believe the Climate Change alarmists are perpetuating a hoax to get your dollars and more control over the populous. Same old, same old, people wanting power and control and finding whatever means they can to achieve it.


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i find it completely hilarious that as humans we think we can alter the complete climate of a planet.


Here is a visual representation (see page 875) of what the models say would happen with and without human activities compared with the observed temperature trend. (This is a simplified, or “idealized,” version of reality for visualization purposes, according to the IPCC, but more complete studies have used this method to arrive at the results mentioned above.)

The blue line represents what multiple climate models say would have happened over more than 100 years with only natural variability — basically, only a small change in temperature would have been expected. The orange line is the same models’ guess at how the climate would react to human activities like burning fossil fuels. And all those dots, and the black line fitted to them, are what actually happened. The close link between the observed trend and the models’ guess suggests that human activity is indeed causing the planet to warm up.


We can alter the climate, though, both worldwide and regionwide... 7 billion people is a lot of people. Currently, the Amazon is constantly shrinking due to clear-cutting and ranching and so on, by very large amounts, but there is evidence to suggest that the Amazon was not always a jungle (can't find the link.. can anyone help me out?)...

However, I read that there is a mini-ice age coming, so we might have to set those coal plants to 120%.


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I think it is hubris for us to think we are having as much of an effect on the planet as some people think we are. If there was significant cooling the thought would be "fossil fuels are causing this cooling effect, we need to stop using them!" The sun has the largest effect on the earth. We are a pretty consistent distance away from the sun and just being tilted towards or away from the sun, depending on the season, can cause a significant swing in temperature. What is your average summer temperature and your average winter temperature? The earth is still relatively the same distance, but depending on the season you are closer or further from the sun. That is climate change.


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Mine was just the article that agamemnus was referencing. I will not put any stock into the website you posted as it clearly has an agenda. According to thinkprogress, the sky is falling. I think any effects by humans on the environment is overstated, and the fact that there has been rumors of falsification of data puts a dent into any belief system that supports anthropogenic warming.

At this point it looks like both sides have an agenda and it is extraordinarily difficult to figure out what the actual statistics are and what they mean.


It may be the case that the sun could regulate temperature to reverse the effects of large amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere through pollution. But, there is a bigger argument to be made about the effects of mankind on the environment. Species are going extinct at an unprecedented rate, for example. There's an article I read about a specific sub-species of rhino where there is only one male left in the entire world:
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The moon landing is rumored to have been faked too....

If that is the argument you want to hang your hat on...

As for species, extinction happens whenever one species overruns others. Mass extinctions have happened many times in the past. I am sure we are contributing to extinction with our unfettered growth, but it will happen eventually anyway.
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