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Hello im karldaniel12 owner of Gobal Republic and i planned to have a good guild but i need to approve your entry so i will check to see if you met the requirements to join. REQUIREMENTS: Must be in the Iron Age and above has at least one military building of the current age and have at least 2,000 points minimum to make sure your in the Iron Age or above. Jobs: This will be divided into 3 divisions the Moderation the Military and the Normal are the divisions Moderation jobs are Founder, Assistant Founder, GVG Moderator, Trading Moderator, Forum Moderator, and Regular Moderator. Military jobs are Commander, 2nd in Command, 3rd in Command, General, Luitentet, Cornel, 1st Major, 2nd Major, 3rd Major, Staff Sergent, Sergent, Courpal, Private 1st Class, Private, and Recuit. Normal jobs are Head Notefier, Head Trader, Head Assistant, Notefier, Trader, Assistant, Forum Person, and Regular Person. These jobs will vary based on your behavior in the guild. Donate to the treasury once a month to help with siege armies and Military HRS are resposible of the goods in treasury and placing siege armies for the Founder so he does not do the work all by hiself and must be notfied once placed so he knows were attacking a enemy guild and sector. ALLINCE REQUIREMENTS: We will accept guilds who want to ally with us who had met these requirements Must have at least 2 members of a guild, Have at least 2000 points for each member, Must be in the Iron Age or above, and who had read our allince policey bellow. ALLINCE POLICEY: To get your allince request accepted you need to read this! I (Guild Name) Promise to be nice, Help, Trade and most importaliy DONT ATTACKING SECTORS OF THE GOBAL REPUBLIC And be the very best and ally the guild of Gobal Republic. (Guilds Owners Name). If you want to join after the Tomorrow Age update just click join and we will check and approve your entry in and we will message you if you have to leave or stay. RULES: Rule 1 allways be nice to members on guild chat ill check it. Rule 2 allways be helpful and aid others in need. Rule 3 allways fight intill you may not make it and surrender. Thank you to help the Gobal Republic get better Signed karldaniel12 Founder and Leader of Gobal Republic
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