Golliard Assassins-Seeks players


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Are you part of an active guild that is helping you advance in the game? If so, great! If not, continue reading. My guild, Golliard Assassins, is looking to add players. Our current membership is 39 players. It’s very active and we're reached the level where each player get 4 free daily Fps per day, which really adds up! A number of our players are at various levels so you'd contributing to GBs that are further along than your age and have goods to trade with you so you can place your GBs when you're ready. We are very active in the GE. This helps our guild with rewards points and earns individual rewards as well.

Best of all, it is a relaxed environment in which to play. We keep rules at a minimum. Everything is done voluntarlly. We have experienced players who are eager to help others learn the game.This a really a great opportunity to move up to an advanced guild and enhance your city.



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I have been a member of one guild my entire eighteen months - I am thinking of making a change - what is involved ?