Goods requirements of the Research Tree


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Yeah - I'm a fan of Civilization V (really, the whole series) and the early ages of man in general, so the technology advancements are really what drew me to the game.

It's also very well rendered for a free browser game, so kudos to the Developers. ^_^


if you join a guild you can trade goods freely with guild members. it really open up your trading options.


Not to diminish all the hard work you put into this (which I am sure was many hours) and I am grateful for the effort on your part, but I can follow the arrows just as well on the tech tree in game. What I am looking for is more of a list of supplies needed. Something along the lines of Bronze Age: 2 marble and 2 lumber, Iron Age: 48 stone, 68 wine, 39 dye, 3 limestone, 57 marble, 60 lumber, 4 ebony, 16 jewelry, 13 iron, and 11 cloth .... and a grand total at the end so I can plan ahead. Knowing that I will need 300 stone to open everything that needs stone would be helpful in that after I get to that point I can get rid of the building and put in an extra limestone building instead because I still need to make another 150 of those, or I know I can put any extras in trade. Am I in the wrong spot? Did someone post that already and I missed it? Could it be added onto that reserved page?
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Can you add at the top of that post {jumpfrom}Goods by Age{/jumpfrom} brackets replacing {}
If you can do that I can add it to my newbie guide.


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I haven't played with it yet. I was out of the house.
Eventually I will get the time to go in and jack with it.
Thanks for letting me know though. I am thinking the jumpto only anchors per thread.


[jumpfrom]Goods by Age[/jumpfrom]

This is not correct anymore as the graph does not consider the 3 new goods implemented some time ago as well as the consequences for 3 old goods:

Stone: -34 HMA and -80 LMA
Limestone: -120 LMA
Gold: -50 LMA
Dried Herbs: +34 HMA and +80 LMA
Talc Powder: +70 LMA
Gunpowder: +50 LMA


Oh true that....I'll maybe post an updated version sometime, when I have some time.


For a sneak preview of the upcoming Colonial Age, you may want to check out my updated tables HERE.


Warning! One item of interest that I have not seen anywhere is the "Physics" located at the end of the "Early Middle Age" is a bottleneck! If you can not complete this research, you will not be able to progress! All of the first research areas in the "High Middle Age" proceed from "Physics".


Added the CA tree as well as a new list of all goods required for the tree in 6 ages.


Please take note that limestone requirements have been adjusted in 3 ages with one of the recent game updates.


Can we get the Industrial age requirements added to this, ASAP? Give us folks who have been waiting patiently a chance to plan?

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Brick - 220
Rope - 190
Salt - 210
Herb - 190
Glass - 160

Basalt - 170
Brass - 260
Silk - 210
Talc - 130
Gun Powder - 210

Paper - 120
Coffee - 170
Wire - 160
Porcelain - 60
Tar - 150

Rubber - 160
Coke - 105
Textiles - 100
Whale Oil - 110
Fertilizer - 95

I believe.