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Goods Sales


New Member
Hello Everyone,

I am setting up this thread for goods sales. If anyone is looking for goods for a gb, I can get them for you. If it isn't from an era that I have, a couple of friends of mine would be able to fill in the gaps easily and I will refer you to one of them. Prices vary based on age. If you need anything, just send me a message in game.

Also, I have another preposition. I am selling IA, EMA, and HMA goods on a set goods per fp ratio, handy for getting a specific amount of low age goods. This can be very beneficial for anyone who has trouble with GE or GbG and needs some goods to help them. I also have a bulk deal, if buying over 500 goods. This deal is separate from the one explained above. Anything Colonial Age or above will be sold in sets or we can make a special arrangement.

Any sales can be made in game with a simple message to me. Talk to your guilds, and if you have any friends or guild mates who need goods, please send them my player name and have them send a quick message.

Stay safe and please, send me a message right here if you need anything!